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How I went this week:

I am happy to say I have had another pretty good week. Scale wise I lost 500g but measurement wise I lost cm’s from all areas – the best being 6cm off my waist. I attribute this to being really bloated at the beginning of the challenge and now that I have cleaned up my diet and cut out alcohol my body is thanking me! I am
also fitting back into jeans that only two weeks ago I could not do up.

What training I did:

I did all my sessions, 4 cardio and three resistance and really enjoyed
it. I feel like I have ‘settled into’ the style of training Hilde has me doing
and know how hard I can go. 

How I’m feeling:

I am feeling a little anxious this week as have had a change in my medication for my bipolar. I may not even have bipolar it turns out as I am now under the care of a lovely psychiatrist and after taking my history he has had me get blood tests to check other
possibilities. I am really relying on my training and clean eating to get me
through what is a pretty weird time for me.

What I can do better next week:

Try to vary my food choices a little. After two weeks of eating quite ‘plainly’ as I adapted to the change in my diet, I would now like to try some new flavour combinations especially with chicken breast and fish as I am eating so much of it!!

 Alison, another fantastic week. It really shows that you are putting everything into this and it’s paying off. This week really try and stay focussed on your actions rather than the results as you know that eating well and training makes you feel better.

Good luck with getting everything sorted, you’re heading in the right direction.

WELL DONE! (and thanks for your honesty!)


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