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you ever noticed how you crave sugar when you are tired! I know I do
big time, although it’s not a sign that WE need sugar but our bodies way
of telling us it wants sleep. It’s funny how we assume because we are
craving something that we actually need it.

I quite often hear people say that it was better to just have what
they were craving as the obviously needed it. I’ve never quite
understood this logic; i think it’s just a way of justifying the urge to
eat some junk.

Today has been one of those days where I could have just sat down
and eaten a big block of chocolate with ease! I haven’t because I know
it won’t actually help and the only thing that will actually help is
sleep although unfortunately it can’t happen when I’m on my own looking
after a baby who doesn’t sleep longer than 40 minutes during the day!

Anyway last night I had one of those nights where Braden just wanted
to feed every couple of hours and as such I didn’t get much sleep. I
really hope it’s just a growth spurt and not a new trend developing.
I’ve actually been pretty lucky with Braden so far and lately have only
been getting up once a night to feed so overall feeling pretty good,
although last night was a reminder how hard everything becomes when you
don’t get enough sleep. When I’m tired I am even less motivated to train
and I find it so hard to stick to my usual eating as I just crave carbs
and sugar.

So I’ve survived today with just a few extra little picks but quite
controlled considering how bad I was craving sweets. I even managed a
bike interval session so overall and alright day.

Today has been a good reminder just how important a good night’s sleep is!

So if you are someone who is always craving sugar maybe it’s time to start getting some more quality sleep!

(geez I can’t wait to hubby is home, it’s so much easier with two sets of hands!)

Enjoy the rest of your week.


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