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Don’t you just love holidays! I know holidays are what keep me going
throughout the year and the one time I can truly relax and just enjoy
doing nothing.

The last couple of weeks we’ve been in Thailand having a wonderful
time in Bangkok and Koh Samui. I must say it’s been a much needed
holiday after being really busy for the last few months.

This year has been one of our busiest yet,  with becoming new
parents, moving house,  getting our own house ready to be a rental all
while trying to maintain working and also staying fit and healthy. The
good news was that our holiday came at the perfect time and I actually
feel refreshed and ready to get stuck into so many exciting new things
to come.

Anyway back to the important stuff, the holiday! We decided while
Braden still isn’t moving it was a good time to escape and it has turned
out just perfectly. Braden has adapted so well to travelling and really
been a joy to be around. It’s been so nice to actually be able to just
slow down and enjoy being a Mum especially when Braden is so much fun at
the moment (everything seems just so funny to a 4 ½ month old).

Our holiday started in Bangkok where we caught up with Cams parents
who met Braden for the first time. I must say Bangkok isn’t very pram or
child friendly but with a bit of help carrying the pram over the main
highway overpass and through some dodgy streets we managed to get around
ok. It’s also a bit strange as we are so safety conscious in Australia
although over here there are no car seats and Braden sat on our lap in
the cabs or stayed in his pram while taking a ride in the local Baht Bus
(a truck that you just on the back off and it takes you where you need
to go!)

From Bangkok it was off to Koh Samui to enjoy some pure relaxation
(a little bit of work too but who can complain when you are sitting on a
pool chair answering emails!). In Samui we stayed at a wonderful hotel
right on the beach and spent most of the time either in the pool, on the
beach, shopping, eating or drinking (such a hard life). It was a lovely
time and we were fortunate enough to spend it with some friends who
also have a little one so we could laugh at each other trying to
manoeuvre the prams about.

After 10 glorious nights it was time to go and we are just chilling
out in our Bangkok hotel before we fly home tonight. I’m hoping Braden
is as good as he was on the way over and didn’t cry once during the
whole nine hour flight.

So I’m feeling refreshed and excited about the rest of the year!

I hope everyone else is doing well and you also have a holiday
planned in the near future as they truly do make the world of

Luv, Hilds

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