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Body Transformation
Xandra 12 Week Body Tranformation Success Story

I have more confidence in the way I handle myself now and the whole process has helped me in other aears of my life, be able to push myself further now feels amazing with a better understanding of food and exercising.

I would like to say a huge thankyou to Hilde and my husband and kids (who had to eat every healthy dinner I made) for all their support, I am so glad that I was able to do the journey with them. Thank you

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Karla 12 Week Body Transformation Before & After Pics
Karla 12 Week Body Tranformation Success Story

I decided to take control, set a goal and get a personal trainer – someone that could tell me I was going off track when I slipped up, someone to answer to and best of all, someone to do all the thinking for me. That’s when I found Hilde.

The meal plans she made for me were perfect. They were balanced, there was no ridiculous deprivation of particular foods, it was enough to sustain my energy and it wasn’t constricting. The workouts were effective, tough but realistic and I immediately saw results. No kidding, IMMEDIATELY.

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Cassandra Success Story
Cassandra Success Story

Within a 2 year period to gained 20 kilos and I pretended not to see it. My clothes  increased by 2  sizes and my eating and drinking habits were terrible.

Every Monday I promised myself I would do something about it. This has been going on for about 12 months now.

In early June 12 2014, a flyer was in my letter box offering a 4 week boot camp – I instantly threw the flyer away as it was not my cup of tea nor did I think I was ready to emotionally to face my weight & eating problems.

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Amy 12 Week Body Transformation Success Story
See how Amy lost 10kg

I wanted to lose 10kg because i knew i was very unhappy with my body, and i wanted to feel amazing in my own skin again. I wanted to look in the mirror and say wow you can do anything when you put your mind to it. YES! I feel so amazing about myself. I’m constantly feeling positive about life and myself. I don’t know why i hadn’t done this 12 week challenge sooner!

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