Women's Weight Loss Program

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Nothing beats waking up and feeling amazing! Imagine looking in the mirror and loving what you see!

We’re looking for 6 Cairns ladies who are SERIOUS about making changes and are truly ready to make a commitment to themselves. This isn’t a quick fix and will involve committing to set training sessions each week. You will have your own personalised plan and YOU WILL need to check in EVERY SINGLE WEEK. This program is designed to get results but you need to be ready to COMMIT!

This program isn’t for everyone.

Have you tried many programs before but either lacked the motivation or commitment or it just didn’t work with your lifestyle?

Don’t worry, we know what it’s like. You’re finally motivated to change but what you thought you were getting isn’t quite what you got. You didn’t have support and no one even cared if you kept going. I’ve bought so many programs like that and that’s why I started Get Active Online. I truly wanted to give women the support, guidance and motivation they needed to not just get results but learn how to change their habits and take control for LIFE!

Cam & I have been working online since 2008 and have personally helped thousands of women just like you. We know what it takes to make changes and we also know how hard it is. That’s why we’ve bundled everything WE KNOW will get you the results you’re after.

You need to COMMIT to training sessions as sometimes it’s hard to get started and having an appointment can force you to create that new habit. We know it’s hard to change your diet, that’s why we work closely with you to see what you’re eating and make changes to make it work with your lifestyle! Don’t panic, you can have treats and eat with the family. We will work out exactly what your body can and can’t handle and how to make this work with your lifestyle. Remember, WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT so we work with you to find that point where you are getting the results you’re after but also managing to make it work with your lifestyle.

You might be thinking I’m not fit enough or I’m not ready. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be fit or ready!! That’s where we help you. Most of our clients are Mums with kids who don’t really like gyms or don’t have time for them. They want to FEEL AWESOME but seem to be stuck in that rut of feeling constantly tired and don’t really know where to start. That’s where we come in!

We give you a plan, direction and most importantly, we’re there for you when you have those crappy days or fall off the wagon! Cam & I both know how hard it is to make changes, especially when you’re juggling work and kids, so we have designed our programs to be realistic but at the same time give you that push that you’re after!!!

The only thing you need to know with 100% certainty before you start is that you are READY TO COMMIT and YOU ARE READY TO CHANGE! That’s all we need from you and also complete honesty so we can help you in your journey!

Isn’t it time YOU FELT AMAZING, ENERGETIC and PROUD OF YOURSELF? You can, but you need to GET STARTED…… 

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Women's Weight Loss

Are you keen to FEEL AMAZING, ENERGETIC and AWESOME in your own skin?

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FIT, LEAN & FANTASTIC in 12 Weeks!

Your program includes:  

  • 2 x Semi Private Personal Training Sessions each week (60 minutes) – Smithfield private studio – VALUE $960
  • UNLIMITED Bootcamp – Northern Beaches (up to 6 sessions every week) – VALUE $420
  • 12 Week ONLINE Body Transformation Program – VALUE $355
  • Recipes
  • Constant Support & Accountability – Personal Coaching with Cam & Hilds – PRICELESS
  • Weekly Check-in 
  • Access to our Get Active Health & Fitness private Facebook group 
  • Before and after photos

TOTAL VALUE over $ 1735. YOU SAVE $787

PAY ONLY $79 per week! 


Available timeslots –

Monday & Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm – 1 slot

Tuesday & Thursday 6:00-7:00am – 2 slots

9-10am – 3 slots

BE QUICK TO SECURE YOUR SLOT – Maximum 3 ladies per timeslot 

Offer Expires 31st March 2017, available to NEW MEMBERS ONLY

WARNING – This program isn’t for everyone! We’re only taking women who are serious about making changes and are READY to make a commitment to themselves. You will be expected to commit to 2 x 60 minute Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions per week (working with 2 other like-minded ladies) and do some extra allocated cardio or Bootcamp Sessions. This will be laid out in your plan. If the prospect of this level of support doesn’t excite you, please don’t apply, you are not ready to change yet.

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*we never share your info with anyone else.

Limited Numbers!

If you’re sick of not getting the results you’re after, then this program will give you the support and accountability you need! As long as  you BELIEVE YOU CAN CHANGE and are prepared to make a commitment to your training and nutrition, we will help you get the results you deserve.

 What You Can Expect



Maximum Fat Loss

Increased Muscle tone

Feel leaner than you have in years.


Why You Should Give Us A Try……..

*Results may vary from person to person

Who We Are…..

Get Active Body Transformations are the experts in helping women and men lose weight, tone up, increase muscle and  fitness & FEEL FANTASTIC. We specialise in Semi-Private Personal Training, Bootcamps & Online Personal Training. We are located in Smithfield, Queensland. We’ve personally been helping thousands of women and men around Australia lose weight, get fit and tone up since 2008. Our mission is to help you achieve YOUR GOALS!


 NOTE – We only want women who are truly ready to change and make a commitment to themselves.  If you’re after a quick fix or shake diet then this is NOT FOR YOU!

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