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Can you be happy when life is crap?

Can you be happy when life is CRAP

Can you be happy when life is crap?

I’m not speaking alone when I say 2021 has been a tough year. For me it’s been getting through my breast cancer diagnosis, fighting breast cancer, and trying to come out the other side regaining my strength and fitness.

Something I’ve been told a lot during one of the most challenges times of my life is – you’re so inspiring and you’re so positive.  


Fuck, I haven’t felt inspiring. I’ve honestly just done what I’ve known best.

I’ve constantly focussed on what I can do and have just been grateful for what I do have.


I’m not going to lie, I’ve had my tough days.  There have been tears and some days it’s just shit, but the majority of the time I’ve kept lifting myself up and moving forward, focussing on what I CAN do.

Yesterday, I flew down to Brisbane to meet my new plastic surgeon. There have been a few, let’s just say this was number 4. I was waiting to find out when he would do my surgery to remove the tissue expander currently in place and do a breast reconstruction.

The awesome news is it’s happening and soon.

So, anyway back to the point of my message is that I know you can be happy when life is CRAP, and yesterday at the airport as I’m waiting anxiously to board my flight I came across Turia Pitt’s book – Happy & Other ridiculous aspirations.  It goes through all the things I know really do make a difference and can increase happiness.

Tuaria Pitt Happy
Here’s a few, you might roll your eyes as some seem so simple BUT THEY WORK.
  • Be Grateful
  • Savour everything
  • Have things to look forward to
  • Create an awesome morning routine
  • Practice Kindness
  • Speak kindly to yourself
  • Surround yourself with people you LOVE and distance yourself from those energy vampires
  • Have purpose
  • Set Goals
  • Have fun and laugh lots!

I’ve been actually trying to work some of these aspects in my 12 Week Body Transformation. I now get all my clients to include NICE activities in their week, as they are just as important as the exercise and eating well. It’s motivated me to add even more to my program as I really want others to transform their LIVES, not just think about what they eat and do for exercise.

Anyway, that’s me for today. 


Just wanted you to know YOU CAN BE HAPPY even when life is crap, BUT you do have to make the effort, it won’t just happen!!!


Start today by asking yourself this one question (thanks to Turia) – What can I do to make today great?

Love, Hilds