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Cassandra Success Story

Cassandra Success Story

Cassandra lost 15kg in just 14 weeks and 20cm of her belly! SENSATIONAL EFFORT!

Growing up, I was a competitive person who enjoyed all things sport. I played Netball, Gymnastics, Short distance running and anything else that was offered.

After marrying my husband and having 2 wonderful children, I suppose I let myself go.


Why? I don’t really know. Life seemed so much easier just to ignore my health. Within a 2 year period to gained 20 kilos and I pretended not to see it. My clothes  increased by 2  sizes and my eating and drinking habits were terrible.

Every Monday I promised myself I would do something about it. This has been going on for about 12 months now.

In early June 12 2014, a flyer was in my letter box offering a 4 week boot camp – I instantly threw the flyer away as it was not my cup of tea nor did I think I was ready to emotionally to face my weight & eating problems.

A few days passed, another Monday promise broken and I was feeling like I needed help. So I contacted Get Active On Line and made an appointment to meet with Hilde. After an hour of talking about my goals we agreed on a 6 month PT plan.

14 weeks has now passed, a lot of blood sweat &  some words that should not be repeated and I am on my way.

Hilde has helped me build strength, understand my body & what it needs to perform at its best. She has been such an awesome inspiration and has also become a trusted friend. All my friends and family see an amazing change in my weight, attitude & self happiness.  

I plan to keep working hard, setting myself small achievable goals and maintaining my new healthy lifestyle. Thank you Hilde for your expertise, motivation & friendship.

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