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Why and How to Choose an Online Personal Trainer



Hands up who’s noticed a meteoric rise in the number of online personal trainers in recent years.  Yep, my hand has gone up, both actually.  It seems the health and fitness industry is absolutely stuffed to the brim with trainers promising to ‘make your fitness dreams come true’, ‘pop those pecs in 7 days’ and to get that ‘summer beach booty in just 7 minutes a day’.  While all of this is simply fun and sometimes silly marketing fluff, the onslaught of information has made it almost impossible for a person to come to a realistic and logical decision when choosing an online program that’s right for them.

So why use an online trainer anyway?  There are several reasons why someone would engage the services of an online trainer to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.  Some of these are:

  • Convenience. Imagine a specifically tailored program designed to be used in the comfort of your own home! With this convenience, you’re much more likely to stick to the program and reach your goals faster.
  • Accountability. It’s actually quite easy for us as trainers to hold you accountable to your program via phone calls, emails and Skype.  When you know you have a scheduled call or email you are more likely to stick to your program than by just having a chat to your trainer in the gym.  Having said that, remember the old saying, ‘You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink’!
  • Privacy. Don’t like gyms? Too many egos in a gym can make it stuffy at times.
  • Cost effective. 1 on 1 personal training is approximately $80+ ph and, unfortunately, many simply run you through a program without getting into the nitty gritty.  Many trainers see you as an hourly task and will not put the extra effort in outside of session times to help you progress.
  • Location. Live too far away from a gym?
  • Collaborative process. Good trainers will, at times, seek the advice of others when compiling individualised programs.  This draws on the experience of more than just that trainer and will provide you with a better, well rounded program.
  • Shyness. Many people use the services of an online trainer because they are shy and nervous in social or crowded places.  What better way to reach your goals without having to cross those nerve-racking barriers?

Okay, so I’ve just listed some good reasons to use an online personal trainer.  Let’s look at the types of programs generally on offer.

BUY NOW – Straight out of the box, these programs are generic and, obviously, not personalised to your specific needs.  However, you may not actually need a specific program and these are generally well put together and are at a lower price point.  Most trainers will offer a variety of programs under this banner, and the pricing means you can train with more than one program.  In most cases, you will not receive much in the way of ongoing assistance or accountability.  Some will offer access to Facebook forums but it’s best to verify this before purchase.

PERSONALISED AND ACCOUNTABLE – Yep, the name pretty much says it all.  These programs are designed just for you and the trainers will hold you accountable to your program.  Many programs will include nutrition if your trainer has experience in that area.  They will require food diaries, training reports and scheduled measurements and photos.  Your trainer will also be contactable by email, usually at programmed intervals.  Most programs will include a scheduled update depending on the length of the program.

LASER FOCUSSED, PERSONALISED AND ACCOUNTABLE – This is the Dux Nuts of online personal training programs.  At the higher end of the price scale, these programs are more focussed and driven to your very specific needs.  It will include scheduled phone or Skype calls and unlimited emails, dealing directly with your trainer.  If you have been fobbed off to a ‘feedback coach’, you are getting ripped off!  You may also receive regular program updates as needed and even receive lessons on how to change your habits to assist with your short and long term goals.

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If you’re the type who can get cracking results in the gym and can manage your food without any outside intervention, I’d suggest that you probably don’t need the services of an online trainer.  For the clear majority who do actually need help and guidance through the maze of training and nutrition, an online personal trainer might be right up your alley.  Again, do your homework, even give a perspective trainer a call to find out more about them.

If you want to have a chat and see if we’re the right online personal trainer for you. Simply make contact and we can give you a call and chat about your goals.  In any case, if you’re considering a trainer, please take the first step beyond this article and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  If you find a trainer, pick up the phone, send an email, please keep the ball rolling along your path towards your health and fitness goals.

Yours in Health and Fitness,

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