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Braden working outSo for the last couple of weeks I’ve managed to get back into my exercise and I’m loving it.

I must say it’s quite a juggle with a bubs but I’m learning that if I
want to stay fit and lose these extra kilos I have to make the effort.
This morning I only managed 15 minutes on the treadmill before Braden
turned into Mr Cranky Pants so I had to stop go feed the hungry munchin
and then 40 minutes later re-motivate myself to get back on again. The
good news is that he managed a whole 45 minutes on his matt after that
and actually ended up sleeping. I think I’ve discovered he loves noise
as I had the stereo up quite loud and he still went to sleep!

The good news is that I’m back running 5km and have done about 4 x
5km jogs so far and even did a 6km tempo run today.  I’m not breaking
any speed records but am noticing big improvements each time I train and
have got my 5km down to about 32 minutes so far.

So anyway yesterday was the day that I got serious. I took some very
scary photos of myself. They’re not pretty and it’s not a great thing
to do just 4 weeks after having a baby but it’s really got me motivated!

I’ve also set the following goals for my own 12 Week Challenge:

– Lose 10kg (5kg until I’m back and pre-pregnancy weight)

– Lose 60cm from various sites

– Run 10km


I’ll be blogging each week with how I’m going which will help to keep me accountable and on track!

Anyway time to go as it’s that time of the day when the gorgeous one turns into the devil child…..

I hope you’ve had a great weekend.

Luv, Hilds



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