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Braden McGregor Dempster Look what I got for Christmas!!! Braden McGregor Dempster born on the 23rd of December.

To say I’m happy is an understatment! I can’t believe how much you can love someone so much you’ve just met.

So as you can see my Christmas has been eventful but one of the best ever.

On Thursday Braden still hadn’t arrived and as I was 10 days over
due I was booked in for an induction. It was a bit weird knowing that
finally I was going to meet our little boy but a bit scary at the same
time. Overall it all went pretty well, I won’t go into details now but
there is a reason it’s called labour, IT’S REALLY HARD!

Braden, was born about 10 hours after my waters had been broken. I
had already been in slow labour for about a week so didn’t have to go
through all the stages of induction which made things go a bit faster
although not much easier unfortunatley. It was quite a scary experience
as Braden’s heart rate was very low throughout and I was worried about
having to have an emergency ceaser. Although really didn’t care too much
as just wanted him out safe and sound.

At about 6pm he’d arrived and I have never been so relieved or happy
before, he is just perfect (well we think so anyway!). Braden is 8 1/2
pounds, with big feet and a big head (the big head is my part and the
big feet is Cam, poor bub!)

So I spent the 23rd in hospital with Braden but no Cam which was a
bit weird.  As it was Chrissy we were keen to get home. So after less
than 24 hours away we are back home and Cam and Braden have both been
amazing. I’m so lucky to have a hubby who likes getting involved and has
done most of the pooey nappies so far!

So anyway that’s our exciting Chrissy. Just trying to come to terms
with being parents, no sleep and feeling like I’ve been in a boxing ring
for days!!! (it’s all worth it though).

I’ll be back soon with more pics I’m sure. Have a wonderful Chrissy.

Love, Hilds, Cam and Braden!


Braden just born with Mum Braden just born with Dad My Chrissy present

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