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ARE YOU TRAINING HARD BUT NOT GETTING RESULTS?Are you someone who goes to the gym regularly, works hard but nothing seems to change?

Don’t worry you’re not alone there are lots of others out there in
the same boat. If you go to a gym you’ll see them all the time working
out day after day although months or years later they look exactly the
same. Still carrying that extra 5kg and not really looking any

Most people work out or go to the gym as they want to lose fat,
tone up or increase their fitness. You’ll find most women go because
they want to lose a few kilos and know that if they exercise it should

Exercise is FANTASATIC although it’s not the only element to losing fat!

When most people start exercising they EAT MORE, which would be fine if they didn’t need to lose weight.

The reality is if you are overweight YOU ARE EATING TOO MUCH for the
energy you require. I know that sounds harsh but so often people
overestimate the amount of exercise they do or the impact that it has
and underestimate their food intake.

They train hard in the gym and reward themselves with a treat later
in the day “I’ve worked hard a little extra won’t hurt”. The truth is
that it takes a lot of exercise to burn a few calories and if you’re not
getting the results you want I’d start looking at what you’re putting
into your mouth.

About 80% of your fat loss results are going to come from your
nutrition so regardless of whether your running 10km every day and
training like an athlete if you’re eating too much you WILL NOT LOSE

An example of this is when I trained for my marathon; I had never
been so fit in my life.  In 20 weeks I didn’t miss a training session
and trained hard, but guess what I didn’t lose a kilo! Why, well mainly
because my goal was running a marathon and as such I needed to fuel
myself for this and as my running increased so did my food intake. For
sure my legs toned up and I was heaps fitter although when it came to
the scales I was exactly the same.

If your goal is FAT LOSS then don’t underestimate your nutrition.
Realise that all those extra mouthfuls, picking and bigger portions add
up. Just by having an extra tablespoon of peanut butter (and I’m talking
a flat tablespoon) you could be adding 120 calories and 10g of fat.
This would take a good 30 minutes of walking at a decent pace to even
burn it off let alone start working at the extra padding you already

So if you feel that your working hard, never miss a training session
but not getting results it’s time to be HONEST WITH YOURSELF and take a
good look at what’s going into your mouth!

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