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Have you tried endless times to get the body you want but with no success?

Starting to think you just can’t change and this is how you’re meant to be?

Firstly EVERYONE can change but you need to be realistic and also be
actually prepared to make some changes. Working with a variety of
different people has made me realise that everyone starts out with a
desire to change although when it comes down to making some actual
changes the excuses start coming in and they justify why they just can’t
change. This doesn’t mean they can’t improve their body and make some
amazing changes but until they stop making excuses and realise that if
you want changes you have to be prepared to make some changes it will
NEVER happen (sounds harsh but it’s the truth). If we want something
badly enough we need to work for it!

Here are some tips that might get you thinking and out of your comfort zone and on your way to a better body!

BE TRUTHFUL WITH YOURSELF – Are you being honest with yourself? I
think most of us know what is stopping us from reaching our goals
although until we accept it and start working on it we will stop
ourselves from changing. If you are overweight it’s pretty likely you
are either eating too much or not moving enough. It sounds simple and it
kinda is but so many people need to make it a lot harder. The first
step is to be honest with yourself about your food intake. What everyone
seems to do is underestimate their food intake and overestimate their
activity. IT’S TIME TO BE HONEST!  How big are those portion sizes, do
you pick throughout the day, what beverages are you having, are you
really pushing yourself as hard as you can when doing some exercise.
It’s good to realise that being honest with yourself is the only way you
can see what needs to change and honestly go about making sure it

SET GOALS –What do you want to achieve? Is it a realistic and
measurable goal? Think about what is most important to you and set
yourself some short term and long term goals. The short term might be to
lose 5kg and run 30 minutes without stopping in the next 2 months. A
long term goal might be to lose 20kg over the next 6 months and
consistently include 3 weight training sessions each week. The most
important thing is to work out goals that are right for YOU. Make them
measurable and realistic and always remind yourself of what your goals
are, put them somewhere visual so you can see them DAILY!

TAKE ACTION – Stop thinking, talking and planning and instead focus
on what needs to be done. So many people jump from one diet to the next
because they think too much about it all and never really give it a
chance. It’s time to just get in there and do what needs to be done.
Even just cutting back on some of your treats or portions and adding in
some more activity TODAY will make a difference. Stop waiting for the
perfect time and plan and just start doing.

IGNORE THE EXCUSES – We can always find excuses why it’s better to
start next week. I’ve seen people contemplating starting a program for
months, even years as there is always something stopping them or it’s
not the right time. Realise that life isn’t going to stop and wait for
you to change you need to do things now and just deal with what comes
up. For sure you might be busy, have kids, have a sore foot, whatever!!!
Is it really a reason not to at least implement some changes? Start
focussing on what you can do and make things happen as those excuses are
always going to be there and we just have to learn to ignore them and
do what needs to be done.

CREATE POSITVE HABITS – Realise that to get your best body ever,
feel fit and healthy for life you are going to need to create new
positive habits. Expect it to be hard at first as you are trying to
replace some old not so good habits with new ones. Exercising daily does
not come naturally and it’s something you are going to have to force in
the beginning. The great thing is that when you start consistently
doing something OVER AND OVER again it will become a habit. So just make
sure whatever you are doing is creating a good habit that will help you
reach your goal.

CREATE A SUPPORT NETWORK – Tell people close to you what you are
doing and be proud of the choices you are making. It really helps to
have at least a few people that support you as there will be many that
don’t. Expect party friends to be pretty non supportive and realise you
are going to have to be strong and constantly remind yourself of your
goals when around these people. Remember you have decided to change but
this doesn’t mean others will necessarily like it! You are changing for
you so be strong and do what YOU need to do.

BE CONSISTENT – Most people simply never reach their goals because
they give up far too quickly.  Realise it takes a consistent effort to
make changes. This doesn’t mean one good week but lots of good weeks
strung together. The most important thing is to realise that not every
week will be great but if you are consistently doing the right thing it
will all come together.

BE PATIENT- It takes time to change. You need to realise you are not
going to have the body of your dreams in 2 weeks when it’s taken you
months if not years to get into your current shape. Instead of expecting
changes to happen overnight focus on doing the best you can one day at a
time and realise the weeks will pass anyway so you might as well make
them the best you can.

GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE – It’s time to start challenging
yourself. If you’ve been doing the same old routine at the gym over and
over again with little results it’s time to start working a bit harder.
The first step is to stop telling yourself you can’t and instead just
give it a go. If you’ve never run before just try 5 minutes, then aim
for 8 minutes the next week. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve
when you stop taking the easy option and actually start challenging

BELIEVE YOU CAN CHANGE – If you don’t believe in yourself no one
will! You need to believe you can change and keep telling yourself this.
Don’t let any negative thoughts stop you from reaching your goals. Who
cares if your Mum and Sister are fat, does this really mean you have to
be! We can all improve ourselves and be the best we can if we just
believe in ourselves.

So get moving today, stop making excuses and just focus on doing
what you can. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve when you just
give it a go!

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