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Do you have great intentions to get up early and hit the gym although as
soon as the alarm goes off you have a thousand thoughts racing through
your head telling you why you should stay in bed? “It’s cold & dark
outside”, “I need more sleep”, “I’ll train this afternoon”, “I’ll feel
better for having some extra sleep”.  So you roll over and press the
snooze button and another morning goes by and you still haven’t managed
to get out of bed early and do your training.  Then the afternoon rolls
around and the thoughts start again, “I’m too tired to train”, “the gym
will be busy”, “I have other things I can do”, “I can always just double
up tomorrow”.  Another day passes and you still haven’t managed to get
do any exercise and think it’s ok because I’ll just start tomorrow.

What I want you to realise is that these thoughts NEVER stop and
until you learn to ignore them and focus on what needs to be done
instead of what you THINK you should do you will NEVER EVER CHANGE.

So how do you establish these habits and make exercise a part of your daily routine?

The first step is to stop waiting to be motivated and expecting to
want to exercise ever day and instead know that you have to make it

Do you honestly believe that all those fit and healthy people love
getting up early every day & never struggle?  If you do you’re
putting unrealistic expectations on how you should feel. The reality is
that the people who exercise regularly have established a routine by
acknowledging that they need to exercise regardless of whether they want
to or not.

This week I’ve managed to get back into the swing of getting up
early and doing my exercise before work. For sure it might mean getting
up and 5:50am instead of 7am but the feeling of knowing my exercise is
done for the day is well worth it. Every morning the same thing happens,
I look at the clock and think I’ve gotta get up soon or the alarm goes
off and instantly the thoughts start racing through my head. “I could
easily train this afternoon”, “I’m pregnant and shouldn’t really have to
exercise so often”, “I feel a bit tired so maybe some extra sleep would
be better” and it goes on.

What I’ve learnt is to ignore the thoughts and just go about my
usual routine. At the moment this means getting straight up, putting my
gym gear on (which has been laid out the night before), heading to the
kitchen for my Iron and OJ (might as well put the sugar from the OJ to
use during my training), back to the bathroom to brush my teeth and I’m
downstairs in the gym. Aircon is turned on, music is on and I’m into it.
It only usually takes me about 10 minutes before I’m  feeling great and
wondering how I could have thought sleeping in would be a better

So start working on establishing a habit, for sure it might be
uncomfortable to start with but the longer you keep doing the same thing
over and over again the easier it gets. Also realise that you are not
going to feel like it or be motivated every day and that’s where you
have to remind yourself WHY you are exercising . For me I exercise
because I know how good I feel afterwards, just reminding myself how
good I will feel AFTER is enough to get me going!

So it’s time to ignore the thoughts and instead focus on what needs to be done. I promise you’ll feel so much better for it.

Have a great day!

Cheers, Hilds

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