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Having two jobs on the go has means I need to be EXTREMELY flexible and not get too stressed out when things don’t go to plan.

At the moment I’m juggling being on Reserve Flying which can be
tricky. I never, ever have a routine and have no idea what the month has
in store.

This morning I was supposed to be on Airport Reserve which involves
signing on for work at 4:45am and being available until 11:45am if I’m
needed for any flights last minute. Generally on airport reserve in
Cairns you don’t get called out often so you can have a little snooze
and I normally use the rest of the time to get on top of my emails! So
yesterday when I found out I had airport reserve I thought it was the
perfect chance to do my emails, have a snooze and then head to rpm at
12:30, day sorted!!!

Well things don’t always go as planned! I turned up to work this
morning and signed on to find out I had a 3 day trip leaving in 5
minutes…. I had hardly slept and hadn’t packed all my usual goodies, I
had no food prepared and I had no idea how I’d left the house!!!

Anyway I’m learning to go with the flow a bit more (I think I have
to). So I’m sitting in Townsville dog tired, just waiting for it to get
dark so I can get some sleep again. No training for me today which is a
bit frustrating but when I’m this tired I just don’t think it will do me
any good, whereas I know tomorrow arvo when I hit Brissie after a good
nights sleep I’ll be feeling oh so much better.

So my great training plan for this week is out the window and I’m just doing what I can, when I can.

Yesterday I got my 90min jog, weights and a powerwalk in so I think I
can relax today and not feel too bad. Tomorrow I’m hoping there’s an
Rpm class on at Fitness first in Brissie city otherwise Southbank is
always great!

Anyway time to hit the supermarket and stock up on some good food
for the flight tomorrow. I need to buy a new lunch box and everything
but the little bit of time it takes to get organised will make me feel
so much better after three days on the aircraft.

So that’s my week so far, I get home on Friday and I’m on reserve on
Sat, Sun and Monday and who knows where I’ll be (hopefully in Cairns as
Cam is visiting and I’d love to see my hubby one of these days!).

Hope everyone is having a great week and you’re just doing the best you can regardless of what happens.

Luv, Hilds

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