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These days it seems everyone wants everything NOW! Well for some things maybe
but some things take a bit of hard work, persistance and patience
before you can get what you want. Changing your body is one of those

I’m still amazed how some people have spent years abusing their
bodies, feeding them crap, not exercising and then in 4 weeks they want
to look like a bikini model. Don’t get me wrong you can make some
amazing changes in a short period of time (just check out the success
stories page for examples) although it does take a bit of hard work, determination and CONSISTENCY!

So often I get clients email after just a couple of weeks feeling
like they haven’t changed enough, they’ve lost weight, measurments and
been exercising regularly although they feel like it should be happening

The point I’m trying to get across is that you can change and you
can have your bikini body but you also have to be prepared to put in the
hard work and consistently do the right things.

I never expect clients to be perfect, it’s unrealistic although I do
expect them to try to do THEIR best and just keep going. Most of the
time people never get the body they want simply because they give up too

Another email I often recieve is how people start getting LOTS of
compliments around week 10! This may seem like a long time to be working
hard and eating well to get noticed but it can take time for all your
hard work to be seen.

So if you’re getting frustrated and feel like it’s not happening
quickly enough remind yourself it takes time to change. Simply keep
focussing on doing the right things each day and eventually it will all
come together.

Have a great day!


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