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Yes, I’m having one of those days! Can’t say I’ve had one just like this for a while now!

It started at 5am when I had to be at work, I actually made it on
time which was a good start. Although only an hour or so after being
there I managed to lock myself out of the office! So from 6:30 this
morning I had to hang out in the corridor for an hour until anyone could
let me in.

I was on Airport Reserve so I just have to sit (or sleep)in the crew
lounge all morning and if they need a crew member last minute I get
sent off! Lucky today wasn’t one of those days as I was stuck outside
while my bag and staff id was inside, oops!

Anyway once I did get back into the office I thought I’d get some
work out of the way, that’s when the really bad day started. My new
laptop decided it didn’t want to play! I’ve since discovered that I need
a new hard drive. I don’t know what it is with me and computers but
they don’t last long around me. I suppose it could be the fact that they
get lugged all over the countryside!!!! So anyway I feel like my right
arm has been chopped off with no computer. I can’t believe how much I
rely on my laptop for everything.

It looks like it won’t even be able to get a new hard drive for
another week so I’ll have to find a way to make it work. And even more
annoying is the fact that I hadn’t backed anything up for about a week
and I do a lot of stuff in a week!!!!! So I’m getting the computer guy
to save all my goodies of the laptop so at least I’ll have it all on

So after my fun filled morning I went back to the place I stay while
in Cairns to get changed, only to discover that I had left my wheelie
bag at work!!! Oh my god, how can you forget your bag! Just shows what a
day I’m having, I think I’m officially blonde today!

So here I am hanging at the Internet Cafe regaining contact with the world.

So if you are wondering why I am out of action a bit over the next
two days it’s because I’m relying on the internet cafes until I get

I hope everyone is having a much better day than me. I suppose we
have to have crap days to really appreciate the good ones when they come

Oooh I’ve also realised I crave chocolate bad when I’m stressed.
Have resisted the temptation so far but amazed by how strong the urge
is, although I don’t think a block of chocolate will get my laptop back
(or will it, he, he!).

Take Care, Keep Smiling

Luv Hilds

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