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Sometimes you need to remember WHY you are doing something?

You might be trying to lose weight, get fit or simply create a good
exercise routine. Whatever your goal might be you need to remind
yourself why you are CHOOSING to make changes.

I quite often feel as though some people are doing things to please
other people or because they think they should! Unfortunately this
mindset won’t get you too far, unless you are trying to change because
YOU WANT TO and are making changes FOR YOU, you will struggle to reach
your goals and if you do, you wont stay there for too long. This might
sound harsh but I really want to get you thinking about WHY you are
trying to change? Is it for you or someone else?

I know right now I’ve decided to run a Marathon. I’m doing it
because it is something that I’ve always wanted to achieve, not because
it will look good or please anyone else but simply because I want to do

So today when I felt like missing my scheduled run because I’d only
had 4 hours sleep and it was freezing outside, I remembered that I’d
made a committment to myself to do what needed to be done which would
help me reach my goal. By missing my run I wouldn’t be letting anyone
down but myself, so even though I could easily come up with a million
reasons not to go knowing I’d made a commitment to myself made me get up
and just do it.  And as usual I felt a million dollars afterwards, not
just because I’d gotten outside in the fresh air and gone for a great
run but because I’d done what I needed to do to help me reach my goal!

So if you ever think you should do something to please your partner,
friend or trainer, take some time to remember why you are trying to

Is it for you or someone else? Work out what is truly motivating you
to change and draw on it when times get tough or you feel the urge to
slacken off.

Make a commitment to yourself to be true to yourself and simply do the best you can do!

Hope everyone is enjoying this chilly weather. I’m already hanging out to get back up to the sunshine!

Cheers, Hilds

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