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HAPPY & HEALTHY EASTERWell it’s that time of year where everyone is focussed on Chocolate! Maybe
not what we should all be thinking about but it seems that Easter has
simply turned into a nice big long weekend where we all consume way too
many chocolate eggs! It’s nice to have an excuse to eat some extra
chocolate but it seems so many of us just don’t know when to stop. There
is nothing wrong with enjoying a few special eggs but when we keep
eating them just because they are there,  then it becomes a problem. We
end up feeling a bit worse for wear on Tuesday when it’s all over and
wondered why we had to “eat them all”. The funny thing is that Easter
Eggs are pretty much available to us all year round anyway, it’s not
like years ago when you could only get Easter Eggs at Easter, now you
find them on the Supermarket shelves as soon as Christmas is over.

So enjoy a couple of eggs but if you have been given way to many
don’t feel bad giving them to someone else who wasn’t as fortunate or
maybe even put some in the freezer so you can enjoy them another time
when you haven’t overdosed on Chocloate.

I remember as a kid I had to eat all my eggs straight away! So
within the day all my chocolate was gone and I was left eyeing of my
little sister eggs which she managed to keep for weeks!

This year I don’t really have a problem with too many eggs as I
think people have got the hint that truckloads of eggs won’t make me
feel any better. So our house is egg free (Easter Bunny must have got
lost), so I don’t think I’ll have any problems limiting the eggs this

I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter and got something nice planned and if you’re travelling, safe travels!

Happy Easter!


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