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IN SHAPE FOR CHRISSY!Well I’ve decided it’s time to get serious as there is only 6 weeks to Chrissy and 7 weeks until the New Year!

So my goal this year is to bring in the New Year feeling “fit and fabulous” instead of “fat & frumpy”.

So many people wait for New Years as their time to get back into
fitnes and start eating well. Why wait??? I thought I might as well
start now and feel great for Chrissy and bring in the New Year feeling
even better.

So over the next 6 weeks I’ll be tightening up the nutrition a bit
more and making sure I don’t miss a single training session. I’m lucky
that I’ve manged to create quite a few good habits already so I won’t
need to make any drastic changes but just limit the amount of treats I
have! (there will be plenty of time for treats at Chrissy!).

Not only will I be doing a mini 6 week Challenge but Lee Horton,
previous Body Blitz monthly winner, will be joining me for the ride! Lee
has been fortunate enough to spend 6 glorious weeks travelling
overseas, although after such a relaxing holiday is feeling not as fit
& healthy as usual. So we are going to keep each other accountable
on our mission to feel fabulous for Chrissy!

I hope everyone out there has got an exciting Chrissy planned and
are still maintaining their fitness routines! Remember you don’t need to
wait for the New Year to start making changes!!!

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