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It seems that the term “Online Personal Trainer” is still a bit confusing
to some people. I quite often get people asking me how you can train
people online? Don’t you need to be in a gym? Why would you want to use
an online trainer, how can that help?

Initially I was also one of those people who didn’t quite understand
the concept until I experienced it for myself. After reading many other
women’s inspirational stories and how they had used the services of an
online trainer, I thought that I might give it a go! It was one of the
best things I ever did. Check out my 12 Week Challenge story in the
“Your Trainers”� page.

To this day I still use the services of an “online trainer”�,
whenever I embark on a new challenge and need that bit extra support I
get help! You may think that’s a little strange, but for me it is about
being accountable to someone, having someone to help me get through the
tough times and tweak my program accordingly to suit my lifestyle. Yes, I
could most probably do my own program, but I know that when I want to
make some serious changes, I get better results if I am accountable to
someone else!

At the moment I am working towards my goal of Competing in the INBA
All Female Classic and as such need to get myself in the best condition

So one of the first things I did was enlist the help of my amazing trainer Di from Fabulous Figures!

Throughout my journey so far there has been numerous times when I
thought I wouldn’t make it, wasn’t doing well enough and just having the
usual doubts, without Di I’m sure I would have given up although here I
am still going and ready to step on stage in less than 2 weeks!

So as you can see there are huge benefits in “Online Personal
Training”� and it is up to you whether you think it is something that
would work for you. Remember when trying to make some serious lifestyle
changes there is nothing wrong with getting as much help as needed.
Whatever it takes to get you feeling healthier and happier is well worth
it. Using every resource available to ensure you succeed is a lot
smarter than trying to go it alone and feeling lost in the confusion of
it all!

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