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Why is it we are always waiting to be motivated! As at some miraculous time
we will know it is finally time to make all of those changes we have
been putting off forever. Unfortunately I have to tell you that
motivation doesn’t just appear one day! You are the one who MAKES things
happen. Don’t keep waiting until the right Monday to get started, why
not start today, RIGHT NOW!

Years ago I was one of those people who was always waiting for the
perfect time or the right motivation to get into shape and start
exercising regularly. Only now can I look back and see that the right
time never came and never would. I had to just start, and i did!

Suprisingly, once you consistetly do something over and over again,
it becomes habit! Do you do certain things each day without even
thinking about it? Do you always have a shower? (Well I hope you do!).
Well it’s possible that not too long from now, exercise can be one of
those habits that you just do, without struggling with it each day. Some
days I don’t love getting up early and heading out for a run, but it
has now become such a habit and I know I will feel so much better
afterwards and I just do it anyway!

So don’t keep putting things off until everything is perfect. Start
out slowly and set some small realistic goals, whether it be to do a 30
min walk twice a week or doing a couple of gym sessions. It is always
hard getting started, but before you know it your new routine will
become habit and you can’t imagine not doing them.

So don’t keep waiting for the perfect time, GET STARTED TODAY!

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