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Isn’t that what you want to hear! Lose fat fast and with little effort…

It seems everyone wants to lose fat fast although don’t really want
to make any changes, don’t want to put in any hard work and expect

Do you ever wonder why everyone is offering a new fat loss plan,
Lose 5kg in 5 days, Strip body fat, Drop a dress size in 7 days.

Becasue they sell!!!!

Everyone wants the easiest way possible to lose weight without
really doing anything. All of these plans offer amazing results, but for
how long?????

For sure you might lose a few kilos in a week simply by cutting out
carbs, sticking to lean protein and green veggies and drinking heaps of
water but are you going to live like this forever? What happens when you
have a sandwich again (oh no not bread, that’s not allowed!)

Do you want to be dieting forever, starting one new fad after the other or lose the fat and keep it off?

It seems that most people just want a quick fix, they don’t really
want to change their lifestlye they just want the fat gone but do these
diets do it?

I’m sorry but I’m going to tell you they don’t. You might lose some
fat but you’ll gain it back just as quickly unless you’ve changed your
eating habits for good. For sure I could do so much better as a PT by
offering fat stripping plans that promise amazing results in just a week
or two although in reality if you want to lose the fat and keep it off,
it’s going to take some hard work and effort on your part. You need to
stop the excuses and start making changes.

You can still lose fat and at a decent rate although you need to
make sure you are changing your habits along the way otherwise after all
your hard work losing the fat is just going to come back.

So before you buy the latest fat stripping diet out there ask
yourself if you want to be rid of the fat forever or do you just want to
torture yourself for a few weeks only to gain the weight back as soon
as you stop your overly restrictive plan.

Realise losing fat takes some effort and you are going to need to
make changes. So if and when you are ready embark on your fat loss
effort as a lifestyle change, cut out the excuses and focus on what
needs to be done.

Check out Craig Harpers latest post for a reality check (it doesn’t get more honest than that!).


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