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I’m 25 1/2 weeks along now and just had my latest check up and all is going
along really well. It seems bubs is laying transverse across my belly
at the moment although he has heaps of time to move so hopefully he’ll
get motivated before the time comes to visit the world.

I have started taking Iron supplements as my latest Iron tests were
really low and so it was suggested a supplement was the best option. I
also got my Glucose Tolerance Test back and everything is fine which is a
big relief as I didn’t want any extra hassles to deal with.

Other than that I’ve just been flat out this week. Just got back
from a 3 day trip yesterday and it really took it out of me. All that
flying, and running up and down the aisle seems to be much harder work
now. It’s also a bit of a juggle ensuring my belly is kept out of the
way and doesn’t get knocked around. I can actually understand why they
stop you from flying (working) at 28 weeks as I imagine it would get a
bit uncomfortable after that.

So after an early night last night (was very tired after my 4:30am
wakeup) I woke up this morning feeling great, the sun is back out and I
dragged myself up the hill for my 5km power walk. Starting the day with
some exercise is really helping and I am noticing the difference just
from including some more exercise again and cutting out the excess

I’ve also been doing a bit of reading about the benefits of
including more food which includes Tryptophan (Essential Amino Acid) and
it’s benefits in increasing Serotonin levels which generally just makes
you feel better. The good news is that all the foods are things that
should be included in healthy diet anyway (Turkey, chicken, Flaxseed,
Seafood, Whey Protein, Bananas, Eggs, Tuna, Tofu etc). So I’m making a
conscious effort to include more of the good foods. Also I’m learning
more than ever that sugar and sweets DO NOT MAKE ME FEEL BETTER! For
sure the instant gratification of having some chocolate is great but not
too long afterwards I feel quite average. So that’s a pretty good
reason in itself to cut it right back!

So life is pretty good, busy but as you know I prefer it that way.
I’m off to hit the shops this arvo as I want to get some baby things
sorted before I don’t have any free time to myself.

I hope everyone is having a great week.

Cheers, Hilds

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