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Lately I’ve been realising just how many people go through the motions with their exercise and don’t really get the most out of it.

Now that I’m pregnant my exercise routine has changed a bit. My
focus is now on maintaining some basic fitness and just exercising
because it makes me feel great, whereas before it was to get fitter or
to reach a certain fitness goal.

This has meant that my usual hardcore rpm classes have turned into a
great session on the bike where I get a bit sweaty and simply get
moving. My running has gone from trying to push myself at every
opportunity, doing sprint, hill and long runs to an easy 5km plod around
the streets. I now go for my hill walk with the pure intention just to
get out and about and feel refreshed.

As I’ve started to slow down I’ve noticed how many people around me
tend to do the SAME things over and over again and I’m wondering what
their reason for actually exercising is.

Quite often in rpm I hear people say they are there to burn calories
and this is there big session for the day although when it comes down
to the class they don’t seem to get that uncomfortable and they look
exactly the same as they did 6 months ago.

What really opened up my eyes is I was doing my hill walk the other
day and I walked past a lady who has been doing the same walk for 5
years, she still walks at the same pace and is still carrying an extra
20kg of weight.

Now don’t get me wrong I think it’s fantastic that people exercise
regularly and get out and about but what I’m getting at is if you are
trying to lose fat or get fitter then you need to make some changes, get
a bit uncomfortable and really see what you are capable of.

So if you are exercising regularly and HONESTLY eating well but not
making the changes you were hoping for it might be time to have a look
at your training intensity and what you are putting into every session.

Have you been doing the same routine for a while although made no improvements?

Every time you exercise you should be aiming to make improvements,
this might be to jog that little bit further, or complete your walk a
couple of minutes quicker. Any small changes make a BIG difference. I
still wear my stopwatch on all my walks as I like to see how fast I’m
going and if I’m doing a session to get fit I need to challenge myself.
This might mean running at a faster speed for a set period, running for
longer or increasing my average heart rate or calories burnt during my
rpm class.

If you seriously want to change then it means MAKING SOME CHANGES.
So if you are someone who always walks or says the most you can run is
for 5 minutes, try setting yourself a challenge to run for 10 minutes or
start a bit of a walk/jog circuit. Realise that every training session
is an opportunity to get fitter, burn calories and feel great.

Work out what you want and head towards it!

Otherwise just be happy going through the motions with your exercise
and realise change won’t happen until you start to challenge yourself.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week. I’ve had a great week so
far and have been managing to keep up a good level of exercise. I am
starting to notice that the running is feeling a bit weird, not so much
because of my extra load(which there seems to be a bit) but because my
joints seem to be a bit more relaxed and I get quite sore in the legs
afterwards. I’ll see how I go for another week but I might have to stick
to the rpm and hill walks from now on.

Tomorrow I head to Adelaide to brave the freezing cold (it’s a bit
hard to leave Cairns at the moment as the weather is sensational) and
visit my new little Niece, the rest of the family and have a catch up
with the girls. It’s only going to be a quick visit, just staying for a
night as I kind of like sleeping in my own bed right now and don’t know
how long I can cope in the cold.

I’ll give you a full preggy update in the next couple of days.

Have a great day!

Cheers, Hilds

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