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Half way through! The year that is… Can you believe it? Half of the year has already passed.

So have you achieved all of those goals you set for 2010? On your
way there or like so many others out there still doing the same things
you were doing last year still contemplating making some changes.

If you are one of the ones who hasn’t seemed to achieve much this
year and wondering why you even both setting any New Year’s resolutions
realise that it doesn’t have to be January the 1st to start making
changes. Sometimes the middle of the year is a good wakeup call that
time is going fast and you might as well start making some changes NOW!

I know I get to July and can’t believe that things are flying by so
quickly. This year seems to be going especially fast for me as every
month that passes means I’m a month closer to being a Mum! Obviously
this is exciting but also scares me to death. I suppose it’s just like
any other time you are making dramatic changes to your life, it can be
scary, daunting, exciting and a bit overwhelming. Although in saying
that it doesn’t mean I should or ANYONE should avoid change just because
it might be scary. So many people seem to stop themselves from reaching
their best potential because they are scared of change, they WANT to
change but at the same time they are not prepared to MAKE any changes.

You might WANT to lose weight and get fit and healthy but are you
prepared to MAKE the changes necessary? Maybe it’s time to have a look
at what is holding you back, is it fear of change?

It’s so easy to get comfortable with our lives, as it is easy. For
sure we might not be 100% happy with ourselves but we decide it’s easier
to stay comfortable and settle with how things are rather than get
uncomfortable and implement some changes. I know from experience that
nothing beats the feeling of setting a goal, making changes and
achieving the goal. For sure it’s daunting at first but if you break it
down into small manageable pieces it turns out to be so much easier than
trying to tackle it all at once.

So for any of you out there still wanting to make changes but for
some reason haven’t done it yet, ask yourself if you are ready to start
making changes, because if you are, nothing will stop you!

My goal for the rest of the year is to stay fit and healthy and
become a Mum for the first time, most probably one of my most
challenging goals yet but I’m sure the most rewarding.

I hope everyone is well.

Luv, Hilds

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