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12 Week ScanI’M SO EXCITED!!! Today was my 12 week scan and I finally feel a bit relieved and oh so excited!!!

For the last 8 weeks I’ve been feeling VERY AVERAGE and quite
stressed as I’ve known I was pregnant although was also quite worried
after experiencing a missed miscarriage last year.

Today I finally feel a bit relieved as I got to see our baby moving
around and all is looking good! I was actually surpised at how much we
could see and it was great that Cam was there to see it all (now maybe
he can understand why I’ve felt so ill for the past 6 weeks, he, he).

I’m actually starting to feel better now with only a bit of nausea
when I get tired which is fabulous considering how I was feeling before.
I’m also feeling very fat as weeks of little exericse and not the best
food choices have left me feeling a bit worse for wear. Anyway, now that
I’m feeling better I’ve managed to get back into some regular exercise
and have also cleaned up my eating a fair bit. You can read about my
first 12 weeks here if you like http://hildshealthypregnancy.wordpress.com/

(just be warned there is a lot of whinging going on!)

So yes, I’m pregnant and very excited and bubs is due on December the 13th.

Being the typical Leo, I’ve already started planning and getting
organised and even putting together a new program: JUST FOR MUMS which
will be a 16 Week Program, helping mums regain their health and fitness.

I’m also writting an E-Book for pregnancy and tips for exercising
and staying healthy throughout. I know I’ve found it hard to find good
information on what’s ok to do exercise wise so I thought a few tips
wouldn’t go astray.

Anyway time for me to get motivated, I’ve been a bit side tracked today and I’ve got heaps of emails to get through.

I hope everyone is well.

Love, Hilds

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