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Sorry for the lack of blogging lately although I’ve just been feeling a bit sorry for myself and didn’t really want you all to have to put up with my complaining (Cam struggles with it, so didn’t want to make anyone else suffer)!

The last few weeks I just haven’t been well & my training has been really suffering.

Last weekend I headed down to Adelaide as it was the Barossa Half
Marathon. Orginally I had planned to do the 10km run although feeling
sick and running a race just wasn’t going to happen. Anyway I still
wanted to go as my sister Lucy had been training for 8 weeks and was
doing the 5km run.

It turned out to be a PERFECT day and I was seriously struggling to
stay on the sidelines with all the excitment going on. It reminded my
why I love the health and fitness industry so much. Just seeing everyone
out early on a Sunday morning going for a run is VERY motivating. There
were people of all ages and even Mum’s running with prams.

Lucy, was a bit nervous although did SO WELL, she had gone from not
running at all to completing her 5km run in under 28 minutes. I’ll put
up some pics soon, I’m just waiting for Dad to email them through.

Last weekend I also got to catch up with my gorgeous and very
pregnant little sister. She is just looking so happy and is one of those
pregnant ladies who just has a little baby bump and that’s about it.

I flew in on the Saturday morning and went to lunch with my sisters,
niece and Mum and then it was time to hit the shops for some BABY
shopping. It’s my sisters baby shower tomorrow and we all wanted to get
her some nice things. I still can’t believe how much baby stuff is
available. You could seriously spend millions!

Anyway it was a lovely weekend although it was cold and as I was a bit tired so I’ve come back with a rotten cold!

I am actually supposed to be flying down to Adelaide again today but
the way my head is feeling I think it would explode. So it’s rest and
some more rest for me at the moment.

While I’m on the topic of being sick I quite often get clients ask
what to do when the are sick. I have one answer REST, REST, REST! There
is absolutley no point trying to continue with all your training when
your body is trying to recover, so rest up, eat well and you’ll be back
on track a lot quicker than trying to “sweat it out” in the gym.

I hope everyone is feeling fabulous!

Cheers, Hilds

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