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ARE YOU WORKING HARD ENOUGH???Quite often we feel like we are doing the right things although quickly end
up annoyed and frustrated that we are not making the progress we want.

We got up early and went to the gym each day although when we jumped
on the scale and took our measurments not much has changed???

Well firstly I want you to ask yourself if you HONESTLY believe you really gave it your all at the gym?

Did you work up a sweat?

Did you push yourself a little bit harder?

Did you walk out of there feeling like you really couldn’t have given it anymore?

So many times I’ve been to the gym and been on the treadmill next to
someone who is walking (quite slowly) and hanging on for dear life. I’m
not quite sure if they were there to stretch their arms out as they
really wouldn’t have been doing much else. I know, I sound nasty now but
c’mon it’s time to get real, why on earth spend hours on end in the gym
if you are not even going to break out into a sweat, get a bit
uncomfortable and seriously get any kind of workout.

I realise people go to the gym for all different reasons. Some
people might use it as a social catchup, a time to get out of the house
and watch some telly. Right now I’m talking to the people who go to the
gym to get fit and lose fat!!!!

So if you are spending time at the gym for little results you need
to start questionning the level of effort you are putting in.

Have you increased the speed on the treadmill?

Have you managed to run a bit further?

Are you regularly increasing your weights?

Do you honestly feel like you couldn’t have worked any harder?

Here is a few tips:

– When using the treadmill, DO NOT HANG ON, use YOUR LEGS!!!!! If
walking a good minimum speed might be 6km per hour. If running it might
be 8.5km per hour. If you’ve been going at the same speed or distance
for a while now it’s time to increase it. If the biggest loser
contenstants can run a marathon after 12 weeks, you can run 5km!

– Invest in a Heart rate monitor and actually see how many calories
you are burning. Those cardio machines WAY overestimate your calories
burnt and seeing how hard it REALLY is to burn off those biscuits you
just ate might make you think twice next time.

– When Interval training IT SHOULD BE HARD!! It is short for a
reason, it is meant to be intense. If you are going fast for 1 minute,
it should be fast, you should be huffing and puffing and feel like it’s
nearly impossible to go for any longer. If you’re not pushing yourself
you’re just cheating yourself out of a good workout.

– Weight training, don’t just go through the motions. EVERY SINGLE
time you train you should be aiming to make an improvment of some kind.
The only way you will create muscle and that TONED look everyone is
after is by challenging your muscles and that’s not going to happen with
light weights. If you’ve been lifting the same weights for a while,
it’s time to get serious. Do you really want to change, if so start
challenging yourself and really see what you are capable off.

So next time you are in the gym or training at home ask yourself if
you REALLY, TRULY are giving it your all. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF as
ulitmatley if you’re not, you’re only cheating yourself.

Have a great week & happy training!

Luv, Hilds

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