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ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING SUCCESS STORY - KIM FERGUSSONIf anyone needs any motivation or don’t believe they don’t have time to change you need to check out Kim’s Success story!

I’ve known Kim for years now (we went to High School together & I
went to primary school with her hubby), although when I recieved an
email from Kim a few months ago I was pleasantly suprised!

I haven’t seen Kim for years since I live in Cairns and she is still
down in Adelaide. So when Kim contacted me wanting to do a program it
was a nice suprise. Kim, has always been so stunning (beautiful on the
inside and out) and it was a suprise to hear that she wasn’t feeling as
great as she knew she could be. I must say I love helping out people I
know although sometimes it can be hard as you want them to be 100%
honest and sometimes I worry that they won’t be. Well Kim proved me
wrong, Kim was always straight up with me and I think the reason that
she has achieved such sensational results is purely because she was
honest with herself and me (plus she put in some serious hard work). Not
once did Kim think about giving up and even when she had some really
crappy days/weeks thrown in she just kept on going.

So if anyone needs some motivation to change and realise they can
please check out Kim’s story, she’s inspired me! (also she has some
great pic ideas for your after shots).

I hope everyone is enjoying a fantastic long weekend.

Cheers, Hilds

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