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ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING – EXERCISE BEFORE DURING AND AFTER PREGNANCY!At the moment I’m busy building up my knowledge of everything related to
keeping fit and healthy before, during and after pregnancy. Anyone who
knows me well has always known I’ve been passionate about helping Mum’s
stay fit and healthy. I’m not quite sure why I’ve had this obsession
with helping Mum’s so much but it’s always something I wanted to end up
specializing in although without a kid myself I thought it was a bit

So anyway rather than wait for the day that I’m finally a Mum
(hopefully not too far away though!). I thought I’d start to build up my
knowledge of exercise and nutrition during and after pregnancy.

So far I’ve discovered there is a lot of very unspecific guidelines
and not much out there for people who train a lot before pregnancy and
want to continue to train throughout pregnancy.

The general consensus seems to be don’t start exercising if you
weren’t exercising before, don’t get your heart rate over 140bpm and
don’t do any exercises on your back after about the 4th month.  Really
not much great information for someone like me who trains every day and
would like to continue to do so throughout pregnancy.  So I’ve done a
bit more research and come across a few good books:

Exercising through your pregnancy – James F. Clapp 111. M.D

Running & Pregnancy By Chris Lundgren

So far I’ve started on both books and they seem great. They give so
much more information about what is appropriate and what’s not.  For
someone like me who runs all the time simply saying keeping your heart
rate under 140bpm isn’t really going to cut it (I wouldn’t be able to
run throughout my whole pregnancy!).  So anyway a bit more reading to
do,  I can’t wait to sit out in the sunshine tomorrow and get stuck into
my book.

I also want to learn more about nutrition specific for people
exercising during and after their pregnancy so I’ve enrolled in a course
though Fitnation – Nutrition for Pregnancy and Lactation. It’s just a
short course and great because it also gives me points to maintaining my
PT qualifications.

Nutrition and pregnancy seems to be a HUGE topic for discussion and
everyone has their very personal opinions about what is right and wrong.
I totally agree that pregnancy is NOT the time for dieting but I do
think it should be a time to really start thinking about the food you
are eating and what it is actually giving to your body (and your little
baby growing inside).  I quite often hear Mum’s say you should just
relax with the food and have whatever you like although I really have to
disagree with this one. Just because you are craving a big slice of
chocolate cake doesn’t mean your baby needs chocolate!!! For sure, relax
a bit with your nutrition but really letting everything go will simply
mean it will be so much harder after the baby is born to get your body
back into shape.  It shouldn’t be a time to stress over weight gain as
the priority is a healthy baby but at the same time it should be a time
to eat as much good, whole, nutritious food as possible.

Anyway I better stop going on as I’m sure many Mum’s out there already have their own opinion and quite likely disagree!

If anyone else has any great books they can recommend I would love
to hear what they are as I LOVE reading anything health and fitness

Well time to go and enjoy what’s left of my Saturday (I’ve spent far too much time working today!).

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend.

Cheers, Hilds

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