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Mmm is it worth it??? I hope everyone out there is having a LOVELY Easter!

I must say mine has been pretty relaxing and involved WAY too much
chocolate! Although no Easter Eggs today as Cam and I got started a bit
early and had eaten them all by the time Easter had even started (can
you tell we are both chocolate lovers and not the type to have our Eggs
laying around for too long!). I can remember growing up and my little
sister would have Easter Eggs weeks later and I’d be eyeing them off as
mine had been demolished in a day.

Anyway the weather is really crappy up here at the moment, it always
is at Easter. I kinda feel sorry for the ones who have gone camping as
it hasn’t stopped raining for days.

So Cam & I have been making the most of just chilling out not
doing much at all. Yesterday we decided to go see Avatar before it
finished at the movies and I’m SO glad we did as it was awesome! Today
I’m itching to be able to get outside and start doing stuff again as I’m
starting to get bored, I don’t quite know how people can just hang
inside for days on end.

So anyway after too many Easter eggs and other junk I’ve decided
it’s time to set myself a few mini little goals again. I just find
without some direction I can too easily go off track. So for the next 6
weeks these are my goals:

NO ALCOHOL! (mmm, scary one but I’m sure I’ll feel great for it).

EAT CLEAN – This means cutting out as much processed foods as
possible, really cutting out those artificial sweetners and limiting the
treats back to 1-2 times a week!

CONSISTENT TRAINING – Aim for 3 x Runs, 3 x RPM, 3 x Weights and
some extra walking if I feel like it! (I’m pretty good at the training
but just thought I’d set some little goals anyway).

I’ll check in weekly and let you know how I’m going.

Anyway I’m off to go enjoy Easter without having anymore Easter eggs (I’ve had my quota plus some!).

Hope everyone is having fun and enjoying Easter without going too overboard.

Have a great day!

Cheers, Hilds


Here is an idea of just how many extra calories those little eggs
can add to your total intake! (mmm don’t think my RPM class yesterday
worked off half the eggs I ate!)

1 x Cadbury Mini Egg – 35 cals, 3.8g sugar & 2g Fat (and I bet you don’t just have one!)

1 x Cadbury Medium Egg (the ones in the egg carton) – 108 cals, 10.8g Sugar, 6.4g Fat. (and they seem so thin!)

1 x Lindt Gold Bunny 100g – 543 cals, 49g sugar, 33g Fat. (I’d need to run for an hour to burn off one little bunny).

So as good as it all tastes it’s amazing how quickly those calories
add up! So REALLY enjoy those eggs, savoir every mouthful and make sure
on Monday you’re back on track!

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