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Barossa Valley Half Marathon Anyone keen to participate in a 5 or 10km run/walk???

On the 16th May I’m planning on heading down to Adelaide for the
Barossa Valley Half Marathon, I’m not doing the Half marathon but
instead going to give the 10km run a go!


I’ve already roped a few people into joining in and it would be fun
to have a group of us doing it. Obviously everyone is going to have
their own little goals and will be participating in different events but
it might be nice to have a catch up, do a bit of exercise followed by
some well earned morning tea! (back at Peter Franz Gallery in Lyndoch –
Mum can be in charge of morning tea and rock bun making, can’t seem to
convince her to walk, he, he!)

Anyway as long as I get the time of from flying I’ll be there (will
know about the 20th of April whether I get the weekend off).

So far I know my older sister Lucy is keen for the 5km run, I’ll be
doing the 10km run, my niece and nephew (Jasmin & Luke) will be
doing the 5km walk, Tina is going to brave the 10km run, Cass might do
the 5km and not too sure on others have had lots of maybe’s but not sure
how many definates yet! So let me know if you are keen and I’ll keep
you updated on how everyone is going.

Also on the day I’ll try and tee up Dad from Peter Franz Photography
to take some snaps of all of us running around looking our best, he,


So hopefully I get the weekend off as I’ve been making my runs a
priority and looking forward to my first every 10km race (mmm and the
morning tea afterwards!).

Have a great day & leave me a comment if you’re keen to join in.

Cheers, Hilds

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