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my new Garmin Forerunner 405cx!!!!!

Normally I hate running in the rain, I don’t mind if it starts
raining once I’ve started but I don’t like starting knowing it’s raining
(such a girl!) Although today was a different story…. on Monday I got
my new Garmin Forerunner and have been hanging out to use it. It’s
pretty amazing what it does and it took me a while just to figure out
how to use it but now, I’m in LOVE!!!!

This morning I’d planned to do my Cruise Intervals: 10-15 minutes
warm up jog, some short sprints, then two cruise intervals of 4 minutes
at 5-5:15/km pace with 3 minutes recovery jogging followed by a cool
down jog home.

So I’d programmed all of this into my Garmin watch and this morning
got up only to see it was raining!!! For once I didn’t care, I was going
to run anyway. I was actually on call and didn’t want to take my phone
in the rain so had to wake Cam and ask him to answer my phone if it rang
(you need to be available ALL THE TIME on reserve!!!). I knew I’d only
be 35-40 minutes so still heaps of time to get ready if I had to fly out
(they give you 2hrs notice).

I know alot of people don’t think a watch can make you run faster
but I have to disagree!! My goal at the moment is to increase my pace
and this little, well actually it’s not very little watch is perfect for

As I was running I could see my pace, speed, heart rate, distance, anything I needed to know was right there. It was great to finally REALLY know how fast I run when plodding, sprinting etc. And the best part is when you get home you upload all the info to the computer and can see where you’ve run, how fast, pace etc, IT’S AMAZING!!! Because it’s got the GPS component it’s pretty cool seeing exactly where you’ve run on a map and all the specific details.

Today’s run:

Time – 35mins

Distance – 5.62km

Cruise Interval Pace

1st Interval – 5.03m/km

2nd Interval – 5:15m/km

Calories Burnt – 331

The goal for todays session was to complete my cruise intervals at
between 5 – 5:15m/km and I achieved that, just. I did notice that I went
out way too hard in the first one and struggled in the second, need to
really even it up.

Cruise Intevals are designed to increase anaerobic threshold,
strength and running efficiency, basically just get me better at going a
bit faster over time, rather than just short sprints.

In saying all of this, you don’t need a fancy watch to run and make
improvments but it is important to be honest with yourself and really
start challenging yourself. So if you’ve been doing the same thing over
and over again, maybe try something new and get yourself a bit

I’m already excited about the next time I get to use my watch. I know it’s a bit sad but great to have a new toy to play with!

Have fun, train hard and really do the best you can.

Love, Hilds

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