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DAY 12

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All going really well!


Feeling good, been consistent with nutrition and training so starting to feel pretty good.

FOOD: All good, went out for a cappa which was lovely and had a
couple of bevies but didn’t let it get me off track with my nutrition.


10KM Jog: Was inspired by a client who just completed her first 10km
race and blitzed it. So I decided I would like to do a 10km race too!
My goal for the day was to see how quickly I could do 5km on the
treadmill to see what sort of starting point I was at to do a 10km race.

Did a warmup jog/walk for 1km – 6 minutes then ran 5km fast (well
fast for me). It took me 24:30 seconds. I then went on to finish off
10km on the treadmill. Total time was 52:30 which included some walking
in the warmup and in between the 5km run. I really just wanted to see
what sort of pace I could maintain as I’d love to be able to do a 10km
run in under 50 minutes. Obviously on the treadmill it’s a bit easier to
go faster although I reckon with a bit of training I can do it!!!

Zanna (the client I was talking about) did her 10km in 48:30 second
and came 2nd!!! She is a running machine and this was her first race.
I’d love to be able to run really fast but I just have to work with my
body and do the best I can, if I could personally get under 50minutes
I’d be stoked. So I’m thinking of the Barossa Valley 10km run in May
which is part of the Barossa Half Marathon. Still need to work out if
I’ll get the time off but going to start trianing for a 10km run. If
anyone is keen there is a 5 & 10km run/walk and it would be great to
have a few of us there!!!

WATER: Lots, although maybe not enough after my run as I felt a bit dehydrated later that night.

DRINKS: 2 vodka & soda

TREATS:  Cappa

Anyway I’m off to enjoy my weekend. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.

Cheers, Hilds

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