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My biggest supporter! This week has made me realise the importance of having supportive people in your life and the impact it has!

As you know I’m on a little mission at the moment to get back to
feeling fantastic and really clean up my nutrition. Like anyone, when
you are trying to make changes it can be hard, it feels uncomfortable
and all too quickly the negative thoughts start creeping in and you’re
asking yourself why you’re doing this. Do I really need to change? I’m
ok how I am, maybe I don’t really need to be doing this?

It’s common when you try and create change that as soon as things
start to get slightly uncomfortable that you try and justify to yourself
why you don’t really need to change, although deep down you know you
want to. This is where having a great support network comes in.

I’m very lucky to have a fantastic supportive husband who encourages
me to do whatever I want plus I have a great family who are always
there and never judge. Then I have my friends, the good ones, who just
listen and always make me feel better after a quick chat. Sounds great
doesn’t it, and yes I am lucky but I’ve made it this way! I no longer
surround myself with ANYONE who brings me down, you know the people that
you finish catching up with and walk away feeling drained.
Unfortunately sometimes people who we feel may be “good” friends aren’t
the most supportive friends around. They might be the ones who you’ve
told you’re trying to lose weight although they still encourage you to
have the piece of cake with coffee or keep telling you that you don’t
need to lose weight. So if you have lots of people in your life who
don’t make you feel great then maybe it’s time to sit down and really
work out if you want them in your life?

Anyway back to my point, this week has proven to me what a
difference having a good support network can be. Just having you guys
out there leaving comments or sending emails makes me feel like I’m not
alone and it really helps (and keeps me on my toes!).  So if you haven’t
got a good support network now might be a good time to set one up!
Think of people who make you feel great, are there to listen and support
you in your goals. Start spending more time with the positive people in
your life and tell them what you are trying to achieve and ask for
their support. The more positive influences and people you have in your
life the better person you will be!

So thanks everyone out there for your comments, I’m just like all of
you guys, have the same struggles and battles and it’s nice knowing
you’re never alone.

Have a great day!

Cheers, Hilds

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