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Lately I’ve been finding myself just getting a little bit too comfortable and as such I’m not feeling fantastic.

Since Cam and I have moved back into our home we’ve really been
enjoying relaxing around home on the weekends and this has involved a
few too many drinks and extra treats creeping in and for me it generally
meansĀ  I start to gain weight. I’m not one of those people who can eat
whatever they like and get away with it, actually quite the opposite!
Even though I still train hard and regularly if I get too relaxed with
my nutrition the kilos start coming back on. So I’ve decided I’ve had
enough and it’s time to feel fantastic again.

So without having a major goal to work towards (a looming comp,
marathon etc) I’m going to have to find a way to keep myself on track
and accountable. Normally when I have a goal and have made a committment
nothing will stop me from reaching it although if I just try and plod
along I don’t seem to get as good results. So I thought I’d use you guys
and this blog to keep me a bit accountable. I’m also going to just
break things down into small and achievable 4 week blocks (one day at a

So the major things stopping me from feeling fabulous are: Too many
treats, extras and too many drinks on the weekend. I have also been a
bit inconsistent with my weight training and want to get this back up to
4 good sessions a week. So the goals are:

– Limit treats to one small treat meal each week and one extra coffee out each week.

– No more than 4 drinks each week.

– 4 x Weight training sessions a week.

– Include 4l of water per day.

I will blog daily in Hilds Ramblings and update on how I am going. I
will monitor my progress through my measurments and whether or not I’m
achieving my weekly goals.

So for the next month I may feel a bit uncomfortable as I get used
to not being so relaxed with my nutrition but I know that it will be so
worth it as the dry season gets here and the bathers come out!

If anyone else out there wants to set some of their own montly goals
and join in, just leave me a comment and we can help keep each other on

I hope everyone is having a great day!

Cheers, Hilds

p.s I’ll be back later to tell you how my day finished off.

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