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KEEPING IT SIMPLE!It seems that so many people out there are completely confused as to what
they should be doing to lose weight. The weight loss industry has become
bigger than ever and more and more money is getting spent on weight
loss although it doesn’t really seem to be working!

Just last week it became very apparent at just how misguided the
general population is. I had a couple of experiences that left me truly
amazed at peoples simple lack of knowledge when it comes to simply
eating well and losing fat.

My first experience was on the aircraft and I was happily sitting in
my jump seat waiting for takeoff and I happened to be sitting in front
of two ladies reading a Women’s Fitness mag. As I was sitting so close
and had no where to look but at them I couldn’t help but hear what they
were talking about. One lady was commenting on how the article was
stating how you should eat berries and this fruit, these grains, take
this, do that etc and she just stated that there was no way she could
remember to do all of those things and it was just too hard. Then the
other lady started commenting on how she just didn’t have time for
exercise right now although when her ankle is better she’d be straight
back into the yoga and back into it, the two ladies just went on and on
basically justifying why and how they didn’t have time and it was just
too hard to lose weight (I seriously had to bite my tongue!)

My, second experience was just the next day and I was back home and
doing my grocery shopping, when I got the checkout there was a young
girl on the register who started commenting on my food choices. Then she
picked up my Slim Secrets bar and asked me if they worked? I was a
little confused and asked what she meant?  She wanted to know if they
stopped me from eating too much and helped me lose fat. Then she went on
to tell me how she had tried doing Tony Fergusson although couldn’t
survive on the shakes as she was just too hungry and that it was all too
hard. Again I didn’t want to say too much  and just nicely mentioned
how it’s definitely better to eat real food and that my little Slim
Secrets bar was just a better option for me than having a chocolate bar
and left it at that.

The two experiences really made me realise the complete lack of
general knowledge that people have when it comes to weight loss or maybe
it’s just that everyone wants a quick fix and doesn’t really want to do
what they know they should be doing????

At the end of the day weight loss doesn’t have to be that complex.
Generally if you are overweight you are consuming too many calories –
TOTAL ENERGY IN than your body needs. If you want to lose weight then
you need to ensure that you either reduce your total energy in so that
you are in a calorie deficit rather than surplus. This doesn’t mean you
need to starve yourself or go on some radical fat melting plan, it just
means you might need to reduce your food intake a bit or increase your
daily activity (a bit of both would be perfect).

Right now if you are trying to lose fat and it’s not working it
might be time to GET HONEST with yourself! Try keeping a food diary for a
full seven days and actually see what you are eating (and when I say
keep a food diary I mean details, extra mouthfuls, beverages, correct
portion sizes etc). Also record your daily activity and at the end of
the week sit down and have a look at it all. Can you either cut back on
your food intake or maybe you can increase your activity. Without
getting complicated and getting into counting calories (although this
can give you a REALLY good idea of what you are actually consuming),
simply reducing your food intake and moving a bit more or moving more
intensely will help!

So start being honest with yourself and if you’ve been plodding
along walking the same route for a while now, pick up the pace and start
jogging for a few minutes at a time. If you are eating lots of takeway
cut it in half and cook more. Just making some small changes will help
but until you stop with the excuses and start taking control you will
continue to get nowhere fast.

processed foods, smaller portion sizes, more water, less alcohol and

Have a great day everyone!

Cheers, Hilds

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