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CASTLE HILLWell I managed to drag myself out of my hotel room this arvo and up Castle Hill and it was lovely.

These early starts this week are really messing with my motivation
and I seriously struggled yesterday. So today I thought I’d better get
off my lazy butt and do something active.

It has been another 3am start and today I’ve ended up in Townsville.
After being in Melbourne yesterday and struggling to get off my bed
(didn’t do any training yesterday) I thought I’d better make something
happen today. Again I really didn’t feel like doing anything and I
didn’t want to be inside, so instead I headed up Townsville’s Castle
Hill and even finished it off with a walk down the Strand. I’m still
amazed at how much better I feel after getting out and about, although
two hours later and I’m feeling very tired again.

Tomorrow is another early start and then I finally get to switch over to afternoons and get up at a respectable time.

Anyway I’ve been thinking (well someone has been trying to convince
me, hi Nettie!) to do another marathon! It’s actually the Townsville
marathon later this year, so my walk down the Strand this arvo was to
see if I would suddenly get motivated and commit! I’m still not 100%
sure whether I’m excited enough but I’m going to start my running
training again and see how I feel. I think I like just having a goal to
work towards and a bit more structure to my training.

Anyway enough rambling from me, I’m sure I’m not making much sense as I’m way too tired.

Hope everyone is having a great week.

Cheers, Hilds


The Strand Townsville

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