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One of the biggest EXCUSES people seem to use for not eating well or exercising is LACK OF TIME!

You might have noticed that I have used EXCUSES not reasons. I don’t
really believe a lack of time is a reason to eat crap and be lazy! For
sure sometimes it’s hard to fit in regular exercise but I’m sure when
you are lying in that hospital bed not feeling too flash you’d wished
you’d made some time!

Many people strive to create a healthy lifestyle although when it
comes to the actually implementing changes they seem to hit a brick
wall. They don’t seem to have time, they don’t have the willpower, they
lack control, I could go on and on. The truth of it all is that is you
want to change badly enough you WILL MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! Yes, it can be
hard to fit in regular exercise but if it becomes a priority you will
make it happen. Do you miss your shower in the morning because you don’t
have time? Do you not eat for a few days because you don’t have time?
Realistically just 30-45 minutes a day needs to be allocated to some
regular exercise, that’s not a massive amount of time. Even if you start
out with just 3 sessions a week, that’s not even 3 hours out of your
whole week.

So how do you MAKE TIME! Firstly you need to take a step back and
look at your current lifestyle, what are your priorities, what takes up
most of your day. Then ask yourself what is REALLY important to you? Do
you really want to feel fit and healthy or are you happy to keep
complaining and not doing anything about it! Are you prepared to make
changes and get a bit uncomfortable? If you feel like you are really
ready to start doing and stop talking about it then you need to start
creating some good habits. If you don’t exercise at all now you might
need to start out slowly and commit to exercising just three times a
week and when you make that commitment you need to make it happen. Work
out when you are most likely to find the time. If you stay up late and
watch TV, try going to bed just that bit earlier and get up early and do
some exercise. If you sit around all afternoon thinking about what’s in
the cupboard, get out and do some exercise. Everyone can find time in
their day for a bit of exercise but you need to make it happen and it
has to become a PRIORITY!

This week reminded me that I need to MAKE TIME myself. I’ve been so
busy lately and it would be easy to say I have no time although in
reality I just need to re-allocate some of my time to doing my exercise.
It might mean I don’t get to watch any telly or spend a bit less time
on the laptop although in the long run it’s worth it. I’ve had to
drastically reduce the amount of training I am doing at the moment but
I’m still making sure I get something in each day. This week I’m away
for 6 days (just hanging at the airport again now) and I’m still aiming
to get in a good 6 or 7 training sessions this week, why? Because it
makes me feel great!


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