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bet that got your attention! This transformation is of a different


As you guys know Cam and I got a bit carried away when we moved back
into our house and decided to renovate the kitchen. Before Cam or even
the furniture had arrived I had started to attack the old kitchen with
my pry bar & sledgehammer, I just couldn’t cope with it any longer!
(very, very ugly!)

Anyone who has renovated a kitchen before would know that once you
start there is NO TURNING BACK! Pulling out the kitchen was harder than I
ever imagined, although with a bit of encouragment from Cam (via phone)
and Dad (via Skype) I managed to destroy the whole kitchen in a day or
two, athough not without a few injuries and a nice nail through my foot
(TIP – don’t wear thongs when tearing a kitchen out!)

Over the next few weeks Cam and I took turns in getting bits and
pieces done. As Cam wasn’t living in Cairns at the time he just flew up
on weekends to help me with the heavy/hard stuff and then I was let lose
again to let my inner builder come out. I think all of those years of
working on the building sites with Dad on School holidays finally paid

Anyway as you can see it looks a million dollars better and we did
it all ourselves (amazing what you can get from Bunnings!). Not only did
we save a fortune but it’s very rewarding setting yourself a goal and
achieving it. For sure there are things that could have been better but
we’re pretty pleased with how it all turned out and that what counts.

So anyway you’re most probably wondering why I’ve put this on my
blog as it has nothing to do with health and fitness, well I actually

Renovating our kitchen proved to me once again that you really can
achieve whatever you set your mind to. When I first started pulling
apart the kitchen I didn’t think I could pysically do it, although after
realising if I just broke it all down into baby steps eventually I

So anyone out there who is a bit daunted by making some big changes,
realise that if you just start with small steps and focus on one day at
a time you really can achieve WHATEVER YOU SET YOUR MIND TO!

I hope everyone is having a lovely RELAXING weekend! (no more renovating for me for a while now….)

Cheers, Hilds


BEFORE AFTER Destroying the old Kitchen All finished!

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