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It may be time that you took a step back and had a look at what you are
doing. If you’ve been doing the same thing for quite some time and you
still haven’t got the body you want  then it sounds like it’s time to
make some changes.

Quite often I hear people say that they eat well and do full body exercise
regularly but they just can’t lose the fat. Straight away this tells me
that changes need to be made!

The first thing I would want you to do is to really be HONEST with
yourself. I find it’s pretty normal for people to overestimate their
training intensity and underestimate their food intake. At the end of
the day if you are consuming more calories than you are using you WILL
NOT LOSE FAT! It’s easy to get caught up in all the hype, what type of
cardio is best? Should I eat no carbs, high carbs, low fat, train in the
morning, afternoon, what’s best? Of course some things are better than
others although rather than getting too caught up in the PERFECT way to
do things realize right now that to lose fat you need to be burning more
calories than you consume.

So take a step back and ask yourself some questions:

How much food am I really consuming? Are you just guessing what you
eat, or do you check your portion sizes and really know what you eat on a
daily basis. Quite often we think we might be eating well although even
too much good food is too much. If you are eating handfuls of nuts
throughout the day, picking at the kids leftovers and adding a few
extras here and there then it might just be too much food! Try keeping a
food diary for a week and be REALLY HONEST, have a look at how often
you pick, add extras and what size are those servings. Until you are
aware of what you are actually eating you can’t go about making changes.
So start taking responsibility and be honest with yourself.

Am I pushing myself with my training? Have you been doing the same
thing for months on end or do you mix your training up. It’s so common
to see people in the gym, year after year still there although no change
whatsoever to their body! If you’re going to take the time to go to the
gym wouldn’t you want to see some changes and be really happy with your
body.  So if you’ve been going to the gym for a while although nothings
changing then it’s time to mix things up. When you train it’s really
important to vary your training intensity, this might mean adding in an
interval session or a jog once a week. If you’ve just been walking at
the same speed and plodding along you’re really not going to make
progress. If jogging is hard, maybe it’s the thing you should be trying.
You can plod along for an hour walking on the treadmill although burn
twice as many calories in a 30 minute quick jog! I know personally I
LOVE WALKING, although I also include regular jogs and rpm classes to
really get my heart rate up and burn some calories.  A good motivational
tool is a good heart rate monitor as it can give you an accurate idea
of what intensity you are working at and if it’s time to start pushing
yourself (also ignore the calories burnt on the cardio gym equipment it
is WAY overestimating what you are burning!).  Remember if you are going
to train – make it count!

Are you lifting some heavy weights and challenging those muscles? So
many women want to get toned although don’t want to lift weights
because they think they will get HUGE! Firstly let me tell you, it’s
REALLY hard to build muscle and unless you have a nutrition plan
tailored to bulk up it’s highly unlikely you are going to get massive.
What weight training will do is completely transform your body shape,
increase your metabolic rate & in turn lose more fat than just doing
cardio alone.  I also find that many women really don’t know what you
they are truly capable of. If you have been using the same weights for
weeks on end you are simply not challenging those muscles. At any stage
where you can easily do the allocated repetitions with good form it’s
time to increase the weights. So be brave, next time you are in the gym
pick up a heavier weight and see what you can do, I’m sure you’ll
surprise yourself!

Do you really want to change? I know you are going to say,  “Of
course I want to change”, but do you REALLY? If you are serious about
changing it means you are going to have to get a bit uncomfortable,
develop some new habits and really challenge your body. Sometimes we
just get a little too comfortable with how we are and the thought of
saying no to some treats, or going for a jog isn’t that appealing.
Ultimately you need to decide if you seriously want to change and if you
are prepared to do what it takes! You can make all the excuses in the
world but if you want to change badly enough you’ll find ways to make it

Ultimately the most important thing is to always remember that it’s
YOU that is deciding to change, no one is making you, so if you are
serious about changing your body and lifestyle for good start being
HONEST with yourself & focus on doing what REALLY NEEDS to be done!

Have a great day,

Cheers, Hilds

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