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Well the New Year is in full swing and it’s already full steam ahead. I
can’t say I’ve had too much time to sit and ponder over what 2010 with
bring although I have been making an effort to really prioritize what I
want from this year and how to go about it.

So firstly this is the year to get ahead! After talking to lots of
friends and family it seems that everyone seems to be on the same page. I
keep dreaming how good it will be to be mortgage free one day! So the
goal is to work hard and enjoy the great lifestyle we have established
for ourselves and keep the spending to a minimum.

Next I really want to focus on getting myself in a good place. I
find the more I help others the less I time I spend on myself (kinda
like all those busy Mum’s out there). Although I know that I’m a much
happier person when I really look after myself and feel fabulous. So I’m
making a commitment to spend the next 6 weeks getting myself into a
great routine and feeling fabulous, I might even treat myself with some
photos at the end of it all.

Since I’ve been back in Cairns life has been a bit crazy, so now
that Cam is home and I know what’s ahead of me I can make some plans and
establish some routines. For me routine doesn’t mean doing the same
thing each day but more aiming to get certain things done each week. I
never have a week that is the same so I don’t have the luxury of a
“normal” routine, although I imagine everything would be so much easier
if I did. My routine has to be things I can achieve each week regardless
of where I am.

At the moment I’m away on a 4 day trip (Day 2 of 4) but when I get
home on Sunday I am going to make a plan of attack! For the next 6 weeks
I’m going to push myself a bit harder than usual and really get my
nutrition spot on, no more just plodding along! This is going to be
challenging as I’ve got a 6 Day Trip, 2 x 4 Day Trips and a 3 Day Trip
to schedule in but being the super organized Leo (list freak!) that I am
I’m sure I’ll make it work.

So I’ll be sure to let you know how I’m tracking as I might use my
very own blog to keep me a bit accountable (yes, even I work better when
I’m kept accountable).

So that’s it from me for today, I’ve spent the morning on my laptop
in my hotel room and now I’m ready to fly off again (think I’m in
Melbourne tonight!)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Cheers, Hilds

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