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DAY 5!!!!

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It’s nearly over! Day 5 is here and I’ll be on my way home shortly. I’m just
hanging at the airport and it’s 5am QLD time (I’m already on to my
second coffee, bad I know!). I’m waiting for my first flight and luckily
for me I’m paxing (not working, sitting as a passenger) on the first
sector and then working from Melbourne to Cairns. So I should be able to
get all my emails out the way on my first flight and be able to
actually relax with my hubby when I get home!!! SO EXCITED!

This week has been a busy one, it can be tough having two jobs
although I must admit I really do love it all! I actually feel like I’m
on top of things after having a bit of time to myself this week and not
having lots of visitors.

Being away for 5 days has seen my training get a bit neglected
though and I’ve only squeezed in a couple of sessions this week. I
actually don’t feel too bad though as my priority has been to catch up
on work and feel like I’m on top of things – Mission achieved. I know
next week I’ll have plenty of time to train hard and I’m on a bit of
mission for the next 6 weeks (more on that later!).

Anyway better get moving, not long now until my flight leaves, 7 hours and I’ll be home!!!!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone (I will).

Love, Hilds

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