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Sometimes it’s worth asking ourselves if it’s really worth it!

After just having visitors for a couple of weeks over the festive
season, I know I’m left wondering if all the food and drink was really
worth it? And after getting back into the swing of things this week I’d
most probably have to say no!

I’m one of those people who doesn’t believe you should try and be
perfect but instead focus on doing the best you can and enjoying the
journey as well as the results! Although I do believe in moderation and i
when I go beyond this I’m left feeling a bit worse for wear.

For sure a couple of days of drinking and eating would have been
fine but when it turns into more bad than good I actually don’t enjoy it
anymore. I know over Christmas I got to the point where I was just
having a drink because everyone else was. Did I feel like it? (not
really), Did I enjoy it? (not really). So why did I do it!!!!!

I must say I’ve got LOTS better over the years although I do still
struggle a bit when we have visitors. Instead of sticking to my usual
routine I do tend to try and accomoadate everyone else and end up
feeling frustrated. I know that this is my fault and I will get better
at it.

So yes, I’m back into it and feeling better and better as the days
go by. As I say, you can’t look back, only forward. As long as you learn
a bit along the way you’re still making progress.

This morning again I had to ask myself if it’s worth it? I could
barely get out of bed when the alarm went of at 5:15 for RPM, my legs
and butt were in pain and I had done some serious damage!

Was that Heavy Leg Session yesterday worth it? HELL YES!!! I know
it’s a good soreness and it means I’ve worked those legs so I can cope
with a bit or soreness and struggling to move properly for a day or two.
Although that RPM class was 45 minutes of pure torture!

So this morning I’m madly trying to get up to date with programs so
that I can relax a little bit while Mum & Dad arrive this afternoon.
I’m so looking forward to having them stay!

I know that I won’t have any troubles keeping up a routine while
they’re here. They tend to like going off and exploring and they don’t
really drink much. I think they actually think they’re coming to a
Health Camp when they visit. My two sisters have been giving them a hard
time about going to “Boot Camp”, I’m really not like that at all!!!!
Maybe I do make a few comments about getting a bit more active and
eating well everytime I see them but I do try and control myself, he,

So I hope everyone is back into the full swing of things and having a fabulous week!

Cheers, Hilds

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