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Looking for Cam Wow, I can’t believe another year has gone by, they seem to be going quicker
and quicker each year. Last year is a bit of a blur really, I’ve been
trying to recall everything that happened and it’s hard (maybe I’m just
getting old!).

2009 was another busy year for Cam and I. It had so many highs and a few lows thrown in there as well.

We started 2009 thinking we were going to become parents, which was
very exciting although a bit scary at the same time. Although the
excitment was soon followed by sadness as I had a miscarriage, obviously
just not meant to be at that time.

In April we headed over to Thailand for a bit of rest and relaxation
although I don’t know how much relaxing I got to do as it was one of
Get Active busiest months. Oh well at least I was working in a fantastic

Most of the year I was trying to work out what was happening with
Cam and I in regards to where we were living. We had been in Mackay for
nearly two years and we were getting very itchy feet to move back to
Cairns. I was sick of commuting for work and just wanted to be back in
our own home.  Feeling a little lost in Mackay I set myself the goal of
running a marathon and jumped into this head first for the following few

In October Cam & I headed off on another holiday, this time to
the UK where I was running the Loch Ness Marathon. To say we had a great
time is an understatement. Cam and I are truly the happiest when we are
exploring and on holidays and this one was no different. This holiday
was topped off with the news that Cam was also getting a transfer with
Customs back to Cairns! Things were looking up…

The last few months have been busy to say the least. Since getting
back from holidays we have been moving and packing. I’ve been back in
Cairns for 8 weeks now, 6 of which I was without furniture and
renovating the house. The last 2 weeks I’ve had Cam come up along with
his parents and sister. So I’ve gone from a house with nothing and no
one, to a house full!

Today is the first day in 2 months where I can sit back and actually
feel like I don’t have to do a million things and can enjoy just a bit
of peace and quiet! The visitors have gone and Cam left this morning for
his final trip back down to Mackay before he permanently moves back to
Cairns in another 2 weeks. I’ve got a few more days and my parents
arrive from Adelaide, so I have to enjoy the peace and quiet while it’s

So 2009 has been a busy one and it’s seen Get Active continue to
grow. We’ve had so many amazing clients and I feel so lucky to have met
so many inspirational people.

I know that 2010 is going to be a great year as I’m in such a happy
place right now! I’ll be back with my goals for 2010 as soon as I have
some quiet time to really think about them!

I hope everyone had a great 2009 and has an even better 2010. Remember to make every day count as they go soooo quickly.

Take Care, Have fun!

Love, Hilds

My favourite pics of 2009!

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