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I imagine there is a few of you out there not feeling too flash after Christmas.

The festivities are over and you’re left with pants that are too tight and feeling a bit annoyed with yourself!

Christmas is a hard time of year for even the most die hard fitness
fanatics out there, although you don’t have to be feeling average for
too long. The best thing that anyone can do right now is to simply get
back into a good routine and if you didn’t have one before well now
might be the perfect time to start!

I know I’ve most probably had a bit too much over Christmas although
come the 26th of December I kicked myself up the butt and have been
slowly getting back on track. I haven’t been trying to be too strict but
simply get back into my good routine. I actually flew out on a 3 Day
trip on the 26th which made it a bit easier as I was leaving the fridge
full of leftovers behind! We’ve actually still got visitors for another
week so there is lots of drinks and dining out but I’m just making a
conscious effort to be good whenever I can, and it really does make such
a difference.

Last week I actually had a full week off from training. I haven’t
actually had a full week off in a very long time although I think I was
feeling a tad run down so I decided it was a great chance for a break.
Yesterday I got back into the weights and acutally did a training
session with Cam (hubby and me in the gym at the same time can be rather
funny!). This morning I attempted a run as I’ve been laying off the
running as i’ve injured my knee. I though it would be ok as it was
feeling better, not 100%, but ok although now it’s in pain again and I
think it’s going to be weeks before I can run properly again (sooo
annoying!!!). So I’m dosing up on Glucosime, Fish Oil and L-Glutamine
and will just stick to the RPM and walking and see how I go.

Anyway I hope everyone is feeling great and managing to get back into some kind of routine.

Have a fabulous week and a fantastic New years!

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