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Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been missing in action lately although life has been just a little crazy.

On Friday our furniture finally arrived along with my gorgeous
hubby! On Saturday & Sunday we had visitors arrive, so Friday &
Satruday were a bit crazy getting the house organised and ready for

Monday saw me do a very quick trip to Adelaide to suprise my Mum for
lunch and catch up with some girlfriends for dinner. Tuesday I was up
at 4am again and flying back to Cairns. The rest of the week I’ve madly
been getting new client programs done so all those keen clients can get
started straight after Chrissy.

Last night was Christmas Eve and we had a few friends over and a
nice bbq, although I had to get up at about 3:30am to be at the airport
this morning. So after trying to get to sleep at a respectable time
although hearing the music going until much later I’m feeling just a bit
tired today!

I can’t believe what a build up Christmas has and I’m sure by the
time it rolls around everyone is feeling quite exhausted (well I am

So today I’ll be home by lunch and I plan on doing not much for the
rest of the day. I’m already a bit sick of all the food as I’ve been
getting my fair quoter (plus a bit more) of Christmas goodies and can’t
wait to get back into the good food again. It seems everyone is obsessed
with Christmas food and we have enough at our house to feed a small

Anyway I’m sure I’ll have a lovely day as it’s not too often I get
to spend Christmas day at home. I just need to sit back, relax and do

I hope everyone else is having a lovely Christmas and feeling great.

Take Care, have fun.

Love, Hilds

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