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It’s that time of year again! The Christmas parties are in full swing and
everybody is racing around madly getting organised for Christmas.

It still amazes me how much effort goes into planning for one
special day. I do love Christmas but I’ve never been one to celebrate a
“traditional Christmas day”. My dad is Austrian hence the name Hilde
Brunnbauer and we’ve always had a big Christmas Eve! I’ve always loved
it, the family all gets together and we still sing carols (not very good
ones, but Mum ensures it still happens or no presents for the kids!).

As I don’t live in Adelaide anymore and most Christmas’s I end up
working I don’t get to be there in person but someone always makes sure
that I get a phone call and get to speak to everyone who have obviously
had far too much to drink, he, he!

This year I’ve got Christmas Eve off and I’m making sure we
celebrate our own Christmas Eve at home in Cairns(don’t know if I’ll be
enforcing the carol singing rule though!). We’ve got Cam’s parents
coming in from Thailand and his sister is coming up from Adealide so I
imagine it will be a few cocktails and lots of time in the spa.

Christmas day is another story! I’ll be working and have no idea
where I’ll be yet, there’s not much I can do about it so I’ll just make
the best of the situation and make sure Christmas Eve is a good one.

Anyway I’ve gone off track here (getting a bit excited about Chrissy
now!). It seems a lot of people get quite stressed this time of the
year and let all routine go out the window!

All the good habits that have been established throughout the year
are gone and now everyone’s living off cocktails, mince pies and

I know Christmas is a time to be enjoyed but letting all good habits
go out the window will only leave you feeling very worse for wear on
January the 1st!

So how do you cope with Christmas?

– Firstly realise that you can still enjoy Christmas without making a pig of yourself!

– Remember what Christmas is truly about (spending time with family and friends).

– Enjoy some Christmas treats, savoir everymouthful and then get back on track.

– Eat well whenever you can, just because it’s Christmas time it doesn’t have to mean weeks of eating junk!

– Keep up your exercise routine. If there is one time you should be
exercising it’s when you’re eating more and Christmas is a prime example
of this.

(I know my gym is only shut for two days so i can pretty much keep
up my usual exericse routine and I’ll be feeling so much better for it!)

So don’t let all your good habits go out the window, remind yourself
you can still enjoy Christmas without putting of a few kilos!

Also it’s great to see so many new clients joining up before Christmas. YOU KNOW YOU’LL BE FEELING GREAT AFTER CHRISTMAS!

And for those of you not so brave you’ve got the Christmas special
to get you going – Join in December and recieve a FREE MAINTENANCE PLAN
and start in Janaury 2010!

If anyone out there has any great tips to survive Christmas I’d love to hear from you.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas festivities!

Love, Hilds

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