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Injuries can be annoying! But don’t be discouraged

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Carrying an injury?

Injury can be annoying because it means that we may not be able to do all the exercises that are in the class or what we are being asked to do by the Trainer. There are  chances that these injuries are caused due to lack of understanding when it comes to personal injury. Domestic Battery Attorney Kansas can help ensure that you get the right treatment and get justice for the injury caused.  First things first, stop doing the exercise that causes the pain.

Changing your exercise routine or stepping it up a notch can sometimes result in delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).  The pain should go after 2-3 days but if it continues to be painful, ongoing beyond a week or significantly limiting your movement it might be time to consider seeing a medical professional.

Be sure to let the trainer know when you come into the studio or at Bootcamp of any injuries.  We can give you alternatives and modifications to ensure we don’t irritate the injury any further.

If you have already seen your doctor and have rehabilitation exercises let us know so that we can modify the workout to compliment these and assist you back to fitness.  Being injured doesn’t always mean you cannot train.  Listen to your body.

Don’t let an injury stop you on your fitness path.  Taking a step back or reducing intensity doesn’t need to affect you staying on track.  See our blog on Nutrition for Injury Recovery

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