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So are you still waiting? Coz you might be waiting for a while!!!!! If
you’re one of these people who are waiting to be motivated I’ve got some
bad news! You need to make it happen! For sure you can find things
motivating but if you’re waiting for this big wave of motivation to come
flooding over you then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Last night the Motivation Fairy missed my house (she must have got
lost!) and I woke up feeling so unmotivated. I’d slept in until 6:30am,
which is late for me these days and just didn’t want to get out of bed,
the air-conditioned room was lovely and I could have just stayed there
all morning! Instead I chose to get up and put my gym clothes on, still
feeling like crap I didn’t feel the slightest bit like going for my run,
especially since it would be so HOT outside as I’d slept in.  So I
brewed my coffee and went through my usual routine before going for a
run and was still struggling!

The conversation in my head went something like this: “You’ve had
early starts all week, maybe you just need to rest”, “It’s too hot
outside now you can just go this afternoon”, “Why not just double up
tomorrow and have a rest day today”, THEN THE GOOD STUFF KICKED IN, “You
know you’ll feel a million dollars AFTERWARDS if you just do it”, “It’s
Friday and you know you’ll want to relax this afternoon so just get out
there, it’s only 50 minutes”, “If you don’t go for your run now you’ll
be annoyed at yourself all day!”.

I most probably sound like a fruit loop now but seriously that’s
what goes through my head some mornings, I try and justify not doing my
training although I’ve been training consistently now for years and I’m

So I did it and I FEEL FANTASTIC! I’ve set myself up for a fabulous
Friday. Don’t get me wrong it was still hard to get going and the first
10 minutes I hated every step and was so close to stopping, although
after the 15 minute mark those endorphins had kicked in and I was loving
it. I even decided to extend my jog and run half way up my favourite
hill and finished off with a nice walk back home, one hour and thirty
minutes later and I was feeling great.

What I’m trying to get at here is that I constantly here people
telling me they’re just not motivated and truly I do understand but you
can only use that excuse for so long! There needs to come a point where
you dig deep and find out what your motivating factor is? What’s going
to get you out that door and doing your training or preparing your
healthy food for the day? If you’ve ever listened to any of Tony Robbins
Cd’s he explains in detail about your motivating factor. You need to
work out what is so important to you that is going to make you make
changes. For me personally I know that when I exercise and eat well I
feel fantastic, so I have to try and remember how good I will FEEL
AFTERWARDS to get me motivated. For some people it might be health
issues or the fact they can’t fit into any of their clothes, whatever
the reason just remember to remind yourself of it all the time!

Realise that at first you may need to get uncomfortable, habits
don’t happen overnight but if you keep doing the same thing over and
over again it will become habit, just make sure it’s a good habit!

So if you’re still waiting to be motivated realize that only so much can happen externally and you have to do the rest!

Have a great day everyone and enjoy a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!

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